Fire-Dex and Gear Wash announce staff changes with new hires and promotions

April 19, 2024

Staffing updates at Fire-Dex and Gear Wash

On April 16, 2024, Fire-Dex and its subsidiary, Gear Wash, announced significant staffing changes, including the filling of six positions and the promotion of six associates.

These changes reflect ongoing growth and development within both companies.

Fire-Dex is known for its specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) for first responders, while Gear Wash provides care and maintenance for PPE.

New hires at Fire-Dex and Gear Wash

Among the new hires at Fire-Dex are Christina Smith, who joins as a Quality Assurance specialist; Chris Carson, appointed as Regional Zone Director; and Nicholas Hamm, who takes on the role of Content Marketing Specialist.

Gear Wash welcomed Teddi Morgan as Operations Supervisor and Deyanira “Dee” Valero as Operations Manager.

Additionally, Denise Bradley has rejoined Fire-Dex as a Quality Assurance Administrator.

Promotions across the organizations

The recent promotions within Fire-Dex include Jim Aylward as Plant Manager, Janie Hollik as Team Lead, and Misty Rackley as Warehouse Manager.

At Gear Wash, James Mobley has been promoted to Assistant Operations Manager, Katie Andrews to Regional Operations Manager, and Misty Johnson to Business Development Manager for the West Coast.

Darin Siley, Vice President of Human Resources at Fire-Dex, expressed enthusiasm about the organizational growth: “We’re very excited by the constant growth we’re seeing at Fire-Dex and Gear Wash, both in new hires and in the skills our current associates are building,” said Siley.

“The six individuals who were promoted, as well as our new hires, are extremely deserving and will play a critical role in delivering value to our customers.”

FSJA Comment

The recent staffing changes at Fire-Dex and Gear Wash highlight a dynamic period of growth and development for the companies.

The strategic addition of new talent and the recognition of existing employees through promotions are indicative of their ongoing commitment to enhancing service quality and operational efficiency.

This strategy not only strengthens their market position but also supports their mission to provide essential services to first responders.

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