Fire-Dex introduces new FDXL90 boots for non-fire emergency responders

April 16, 2024

Fire-Dex unveils new boots designed for EMS and technical rescue

On April 15, 2024, Fire-Dex announced the release of its new FDXL90 boots, specifically designed for emergency medical services (EMS) and technical rescue operations.

The boots are certified for both NFPA 1951 and 1999, indicating they meet strict standards for technical rescue and EMS operations respectively.

The FDXL90 boots are crafted to cater to the needs of modern firefighters who face a variety of non-fire emergencies, which constitute over 90% of their calls.

The FDXL90 boots are noted for their lightweight design and enhanced breathability, a crucial feature for emergency responders who require both comfort and functionality in varied and often challenging environments.

According to Todd Herring, Fire-Dex’s Vice President of Product Innovation and Strategy: “Recognizing the challenging terrain emergency responders often navigate, and that 36% of injuries are due to strains, sprains or muscular aches per NFPA reporting, we tailored the FDXL90 to deliver exceptional performance with airflow and comfort in mind.”

Features and benefits of the new FDXL90 boots

The FDXL90 boots incorporate an Armor AP flexible fabric outer layer and a GORE-TEX CROSSTECH permeable moisture barrier, which together enhance the boot’s ability to remove sweat vapor.

This ensures that the wearer remains dry and comfortable during operations.

Furthermore, the boots feature a Vibram FIRE & ICE sole, making them 30% lighter than traditional structural firefighter boots while also offering superior durability and slip resistance.

The unique lace-up design with a side zipper facilitates rapid donning and doffing, providing a customizable and snug fit that is essential for quick response times.

These features collectively make the FDXL90 an optimal choice for a wide range of emergency scenarios, from civilian assist to natural disaster response.

Lieutenant Daniel Mills of Escambia County Fire in Florida praised the boots: “These boots have performed very well in terms of grip, dexterity and function … I give them a five-star rating and definitely recommend them to coworkers.”

Fire-Dex’s ongoing commitment to enhancing responder gear

This introduction of the FDXL90 boots follows the recent launch of AeroFlex turnouts by Fire-Dex, touted as the coolest gear available to firefighters, which excel in reducing heat stress through their industry-leading performance in Resistance to Evaporative Heat Loss (Ret) and Total Heat Loss (THL).

Fire-Dex’s continual innovation in the design and manufacturing of protective gear demonstrates its commitment to improving safety and comfort for emergency responders through advanced technology and materials.

FSJA comment

The introduction of the FDXL90 boots by Fire-Dex marks a significant advancement in protective gear tailored for non-fire emergency scenarios.

This development is particularly relevant as it addresses the prevalent demand for specialized equipment that can withstand the diverse conditions faced by today’s emergency responders.

The focus on lightweight, breathable, and quick-donning footwear reflects a deep understanding of the practical needs and challenges faced in the field.

The emphasis on comfort and functionality, without compromising safety, is likely to set new standards in emergency response footwear, potentially influencing future trends in protective gear.

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