Young Brigadista de Valor Program graduates 79 brigadistas in Canindé

November 28, 2023
Military firefighters Brazil

A milestone in firefighter training

The Young Brigadista de Valor Program, an initiative by the Fire Department of the State of Ceará, Brazil, recently celebrated the graduation of 79 new brigadistas in Canindé.

This event, held on the afternoon of November 24, 2023, marked a significant achievement for the program at the 6th Company of the 3rd Military Fire Brigade (6ªCIA|3º BBM) in Canindé, part of the Integrated Security Area 15 (AIS 15).

Diverse participation and comprehensive training

The graduation ceremony saw the participation of over 200 guests, including family members and various authorities, underlining the importance of this occasion.

Notable attendees included representatives from the Canindé city government, directors of the Carlos Jereissati and Firmino Coelho schools, and high-ranking officials from the Fire Department, such as Lieutenant Colonel Gledson, Commander of CBI; Lieutenant Colonel Naum Maurício, Commander of CTDH; Lieutenant Colonel Sousa Júnior, Commander of the Canindé quarters; and Captain Erasmo, the Adjutant Commander.

Additionally, the ceremony was graced by the participation of students from the local indigenous Canindé tribe, who are beginners in the project and added a cultural dimension to the event with their performances.

The graduates, comprising 27 students from Carlos Jereissati School and 52 from Firmino Coelho School, demonstrated various rescue techniques, including high-altitude rescues simulating the descent and rescue of a victim with a leg fracture from an elevated structure.

A comprehensive curriculum for future brigadistas

The training program, totaling 264 hours, included a range of disciplines essential for firefighting and rescue operations.

The curriculum covered areas such as pre-hospital care, firefighting basics, unit order, terrestrial rescue, high-altitude rescue, and aquatic rescue techniques.

The program culminated in the traditional graduation bath, followed by the presentation of certificates to the newly trained brigadistas.

FSJA Comment

The successful completion of the Young Brigadista de Valor Program in Canindé is a noteworthy event in the context of fire safety and emergency response training in Brazil.

The graduation of 79 brigadistas signifies the expansion of skilled personnel in this critical field and highlights the program’s commitment to comprehensive and diverse training methods.

This event also underscores the importance of collaboration between educational institutions and emergency services, enhancing community engagement in safety and rescue operations.

The inclusion of indigenous community members in the program is a commendable step towards inclusivity, enriching the learning experience with cultural diversity.

As fire safety and emergency response continue to be vital for communities worldwide, such initiatives set a positive example for other regions to follow, emphasizing the value of well-trained and diverse brigades in safeguarding lives and properties.

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