Wylie Fire Rescue acquires Rosenbauer Roadrunner water towers to enhance firefighting capabilities

May 29, 2024

Wylie Fire Rescue upgrades fleet with new water towers

Wylie Fire Rescue of Wylie, Texas has received two new Rosenbauer Roadrunner elevated water towers, as reported by Rosenbauer America.

These apparatuses, showcased at FDIC International 2024, are quintuple combination pumpers, or quints, which feature a pump, water tank, aerial device, and ground ladders.

Wylie Fire Rescue, a four-station, fully paid department with 98 employees, will house Quint 141 and Quint 143 at Station 1 and Station 3, respectively.

The elevated water towers will serve as the primary response vehicles for the department, providing versatile and comprehensive support for various emergency situations.

Fire Chief’s insights on the new apparatus

Fire Chief Brandon Blythe highlighted the functionality and design of the new trucks: “Three of our stations utilize the 68′ Rosenbauer Roadrunner aerial as the primary response apparatus.

“These trucks are designed and equipped to be standalone response vehicles handling anything from a medical call to a vehicle extrication, to a structure fire.”

Blythe emphasized the practical benefits of the apparatus: “These apparatuses are perfect for our community because they provide ample compartment space while maintaining a full hose complement, 500 gallons of water, ground ladders, and an aerial device.

The pedestal design allows us to maximize compartment space and provides hose beds large enough to carry 1000′ of 5″ and 300” and two (2) high-rise loads.

Maintaining a small profile that is lighter weight makes the truck handle more like a traditional engine.”

Continued partnership and community engagement

Wylie Fire Rescue has been using elevated water towers since 1995 and made their first Rosenbauer purchase in 1999.

Blythe commented on the long-standing support from their local Rosenbauer dealer, DACO: “This apparatus model may not work for everyone; however, it works well for our community.

“When arriving on scene we leave nothing to chance and the Rosenbauer elevated water tower is the most versatile.”

Blythe added: “The lighter aerials allow us to utilize the apparatus on all types of responses while maintaining adequate aerial capabilities.

Since the apparatus is smaller and lighter, we can minimize wear and tear over time.”

Tradition of naming new apparatus continues

Wylie Fire Rescue will continue its tradition of naming new apparatus in collaboration with the Wylie Independent School District.

Blythe shared the unique process: “Each time we get a new apparatus, a picture of the new truck is made into a coloring page and distributed to the surrounding grade levels in our community.

“The children are asked to color the fire truck, suggest a name, and write on the back why they chose that name.”

The submitted pictures are reviewed by the department, and a name is selected.

A ceremony is then held to unveil the name at the student’s school whose firetruck name is chosen.

Blythe explained: “A small plaque is also placed in the cab of the truck recognizing the child who named it.

“The ceremony ends with the student riding home from school in the new firetruck he or she named.”

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