WFCA unveils new initiatives in their Q2 2023 quarterly update

October 17, 2023
Arizona Firefighter

WFCA announces knowledge center, honors a legacy, and rolls out new events

The Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA) recently shared insights and plans in their Q2 2023 newsletter.

This update highlights the association’s endeavors in fire safety, training, and public service collaboration.

For a more detailed view of this quarterly update, click here.

WFCA’s new resilience studies center takes center stage

WFCA introduced the Applied Sciences Center for Resilience Studies (ASC).

The center aims to be a bridge: connecting industry, businesses, non-profits, communities, and academic institutions.

It is poised to further mutual benefits and enhance the public service innovation landscape.

With support from NASA, ASC’s primary focus will be the enhancement of wildfire technology.

Specifically, it aims to refine decision-making processes in the vital initial 24 hours of a fire, especially within the Wildland-Urban Interface.

Remembering Chief Piechura and his commitment to safety

In a heartfelt segment, the newsletter remembered Chief Jeff Piechura of the Northwest Fire District.

Chief Piechura was pivotal in building a fire training center, having trained thousands since its inception in 2012.

He passed away on July 10, 2021, during the Cedar Basin Fire near Wikieup, Arizona.

A tribute is being planned in his honor at the training center grounds.

It will serve as a space for firefighters to reflect on the core values that bolster their resilience.

Upcoming WFCA events promise comprehensive training

WFCA has lined up several training events for professionals in the field.

The All-Hazards Incident Communications Awareness service gives an exhaustive overview of the ICS and related roles.

Another significant event is the Communication Unit Leader Course, made possible through collaboration with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Western Fire Chiefs Association, and Nevada Department of Emergency Management.

Furthermore, the Information Technology Service Unit Leader (ITSL) Training Course will be a highlight, catering to professionals with a solid background in communications and IT.

WFCA’s Fire Headlines Podcast offers fresh perspectives

Rounding off the update, WFCA noted the latest editions of their Fire Headlines Podcast in which Chiefs Bob Horton and Jeff Buchanan discuss prominent fire service news.

To listen to the latest episodes, visit the podcast’s website.

FSJA Comment

The WFCA’s Q2 2023 quarterly update presents a comprehensive overview of the association’s ongoing and future endeavors.

With the introduction of the ASC, which is backed by NASA, we see a promising step towards advancing wildfire technology and refining critical decision-making processes.

The tribute to Chief Piechura further underscores the association’s commitment to safety and the value they place on their members.

Additionally, the upcoming training events offer invaluable opportunities for professionals to enhance their skills.

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