WFCA releases insights on fire safety and innovation in Q3 newsletter

November 2, 2023

Award-winning achievements at FRI highlighted in recent WFCA newsletter

The Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA) published its Q3 2023 Quarterly Newsletter on October 31, unveiling a variety of accomplishments and initiatives that underline the ongoing efforts in fire safety and community engagement.

The newsletter, available on the WFCA website, brings attention to recent events, educational opportunities, and crucial information relevant to fire safety professionals and the public.

Notable recognitions and opportunities within the fire community

At the Fire-Rescue International (FRI) event in Kansas City, MO, Assistant Chief Andrea Glass of the Tempe Fire Department and Emergency Manager Michele Seitz received the 2023 Innovation Award for their Family Reunification program.

In the words of the WFCA: “We had a fantastic time at this year’s FRI, this event always provides the ideal platform for invaluable networking and educational opportunities.”

The 18th Annual Presidents’ Forum, hosted in Anchorage, AK, saw Western Board Members and State Association Leaders engage in influential discussions.

At this forum, WFCA’s President Mark Niemeyer honored Executive Director Jeff Johnson and Chief Operating Officer David Van Ballegooijen with the 2023 President’s Award, applauding their “unwavering dedication and commitment to the WFCA mission.”

In Sisters, Oregon, a search is underway for a qualified individual to succeed the retiring Fire Chief, Roger Johnson, as detailed by Jeff Johnson, WFCA Executive Director.

Johnson expresses his affinity for Sisters, stating: “I call the beautiful town of Sisters, Oregon, my home, and it’s undeniably one of the finest places to live in the Northwest.”

Those interested in this fire chief opportunity have until November 8 to express their interest, with more information available through a dedicated link.

Strategies for procurement in the fire service sector

The newsletter also emphasizes the role of cooperative purchasing as a solution to supply chain issues faced by fire departments, highlighting Sourcewell as a key player in this strategy.

By utilizing Sourcewell’s contracts, departments can expedite the process of acquiring firefighting apparatus, bypassing the need for an RFP and allowing for immediate order placement.

Departments looking to streamline procurement can view the available Apparatus Contracts through Sourcewell here.

Podcast and articles as resources for ongoing education

The Fire Headlines Podcast, a production of the WFCA, has welcomed Samantha Didion as a new host.

Didion, with a background in journalism and communication, is set to enhance the podcast’s appeal.

The podcast episodes, including the exclusive Maui Wildfires episode, are available on the WFCA’s website and all standard podcast platforms.

Furthermore, the newsletter spotlights a series of wildfire articles providing the public with essential information on preparedness and recovery.

Topics range from understanding the rebuilding process post-wildfire to historical analyses and practical safety tips.

FSJA Comment

The release of the WFCA’s Q3 2023 newsletter aligns with the broader need for continuous education and information dissemination within the fire and safety community.

Such detailed reporting and recognition of innovation in the field support the development of improved safety protocols and community engagement.

Sharing knowledge on fire management, recovery, and preparedness not only informs professionals but also empowers the public to take proactive steps in safeguarding their communities.

The WFCA’s commitment to these efforts, as showcased in their latest newsletter, echoes the vital role of information and collaboration in enhancing fire and safety measures across the nation.

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