WFCA backs IAFC’s dedication to the Wildland Fire Mitigation

October 26, 2023

The Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission (WFMMC) has presented its conclusive report to Congress, offering a comprehensive strategy to combat the nation’s growing wildfire concerns.

Reacting to this, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) revealed its Policy Response and Recommendations.

Additionally, the WFCA Board of Directors has elected to express their full support for the IAFC’s commitment to the WFMMC report.

WFCA emphasizes the urgency of new approaches

Mark Niemeyer, President of the Boise Fire Department, stated: “The WFCA applauds the report’s recognition that wildfires transcend land management and are indeed a matter of public health, safety, and emergency management.”

Collaboration is key for WFCA

Stressing the importance of partnerships, Niemeyer added: “We emphasize the need for stronger partnerships and collaboration across all jurisdictions.”

The goal is to improve national agreements, streamline data collection, and improve resource tracking.

Importance of shifting priorities and investing in modern tools

Niemeyer pointed out the significance of transitioning from reactive measures to proactive ones and how technology can aid informed decision-making.

The WFCA recognizes the necessity of prioritizing pre-fire planning and post-fire recovery.

“The integration of science, data, technology, and connectivity in fire management is a priority for the WFCA,” Niemeyer confirmed.

Focus on resilience and beneficial fire practices

The association backs the recommendation to increase investments in wildfire risk management.

They also support the promotion of prescribed fires and cultural burning, believing that a national plan for prescribed fire is crucial.

Enhancing the workforce and their well-being

Niemeyer emphasized: “We strongly endorse the report’s recommendations to foster a year-round cross-trained workforce.”

Furthermore, the association supports better physical and mental health programs for responders at all levels.

Niemeyer added that the WFCA is dedicated to working with the IAFC and other partners to implement the report’s recommendations, aiming to safeguard communities, natural resources, and frontline firefighters.

FSJA Comment

The WFCA’s endorsement of the IAFC’s commitment to the WFMMC report signals a unified front in the battle against the escalating wildfire crisis.

By emphasizing the importance of proactive strategies, collaboration, and advanced tools, these organizations recognize the evolving threats wildfires pose.

Their dedication to investing in resilience and the well-being of the workforce is commendable.

The joint efforts of these organizations, along with State and Federal partners, will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the future of wildfire management and community protection.

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