Volunteer fire departments receive essential equipment in MSA and DuPont giveaway

January 2, 2024

The final three recipients of the MSA and DuPont 2023 Globe Gear Giveaway, a collaborative effort with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), have been announced.

Bell County Volunteer Fire Department in Pineville, KY, Broadway Volunteer Fire Department Inc.

in Virginia, and Scotts Hill Fire Department in Tennessee are the latest beneficiaries.

These departments will each receive four sets of turnout gear and four helmets, a significant boost for their safety and effectiveness.

Over 50 sets of gear awarded in nationwide giveaway

This giveaway concludes the 2023 cycle, where a total of 52 sets of turnout gear and 52 helmets were distributed to 13 volunteer fire departments across the United States and Canada.

Moreover, the first 500 applicants were granted a one-year NVFC membership, sponsored by MSA.

This marks the 12th year of the program, aimed at supporting departments with limited resources and enhancing the safety of volunteer firefighters.

Impact on Bell County Volunteer Fire Department

The Bell County Volunteer Fire Department, comprising 72 volunteers, faces challenges due to inadequate personal protective equipment.

Their limited gear often hinders their ability to respond to emergencies and conduct training effectively.

Battalion Chief Viola Howard expressed that the new gear will enable more members to participate in calls and improve their firefighting capabilities.

Broadway Volunteer Fire Department’s challenges and opportunities

In Broadway, Virginia, the volunteer fire department, managing over a thousand calls annually across a 157-square-mile area, struggles with funding constraints.

This has affected their ability to provide NFPA-compliant gear to all members, impacting recruitment and safety.

The donation is seen as a critical step in equipping personnel with compliant gear, as emphasized by Chief Josh Lohr.

Scotts Hill Fire Department’s gear renewal

The Scotts Hill Fire Department, serving a population of nearly 900 with 25 volunteers, currently relies on aging and repeatedly handed-down equipment.

The wear and tear on their gear have raised safety concerns.

Planning Director David Austin highlighted that the new gear will alleviate stress and enhance safety for responders in hazardous situations.

Stay informed on future programs

For more details and updates on the 2023 gear donation program and information about the 2024 application period, interested parties are encouraged to follow the NVFC website, Dispatch enewsletter, and their social media pages, as well as the Globe Facebook page.

FSJA Comment

The MSA and DuPont 2023 Globe Gear Giveaway highlights the ongoing challenges and needs of volunteer fire departments in the United States and Canada.

These departments play a critical role in emergency response, especially in smaller or rural communities.

The initiative by MSA and DuPont, in collaboration with the NVFC, serves not only to provide essential safety equipment but also to acknowledge the vital services these volunteers provide.

The impact of such programs extends beyond the immediate benefit of new gear; it demonstrates a commitment to the safety and effectiveness of first responders, encouraging volunteerism and community engagement.

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