Volunteer fire departments receive $5,000 from partnership program

July 5, 2024

Partnership aids volunteer fire departments

As reported by the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), volunteer fire departments often face significant financial challenges in maintaining and upgrading their equipment to serve their communities effectively.

To assist these departments, Nutella partnered with the NVFC to provide $25,000 in grants through the Stacks for Giving Back program.

The program targeted volunteer fire departments in the U.S. that serve populations of 25,000 or less and are at least 50% volunteer-staffed.

Alongside the monetary grants, the program also offered pancake breakfast kits to 100 selected departments to aid in their fundraising efforts.

NVFC Chair Steve Hirsch expressed appreciation for the support: “Volunteers give their time and risk their safety to help their neighbors in need.”

Grant recipients and their plans

Five departments were selected to receive $5,000 each.

The Elliott Volunteer Fire Department in Mississippi will use the funds to purchase a new positive pressure ventilation fan, which board member Chase Lancaster said will “greatly reduce the risks of our firefighters coming into contact with or breathing toxic carcinogens.”

The Galesburg Fire Department in Kansas plans to replace its aging fire hoses.

Chief John Lilburn highlighted the urgency: “There is a real possibility of hose failure during firefighting activities.”

The Poole Community Fire & Rescue in Kentucky will invest in hazmat equipment to better protect against the hazards in their area, which include a pipeline pump station and a natural gas storage field.

Addressing equipment needs in various communities

Rice Volunteer Fire Department in Texas will utilize the grant to purchase wildland gear and firefighting boots.

Captain Dale Scott noted that much of their current equipment is hand-me-downs from other departments.

Similarly, the York Volunteer Fire Department in Montana, which operates in a remote, mountainous area, will buy a pump to improve their response efficiency.

Captain Robert Martin emphasized the importance of the pump for quicker refills and faster return to scenes, enhancing firefighter safety and resource protection.

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