Veteran-owned Fire Dept. Coffee launches nationwide in Walmart

June 19, 2024

Fire Dept. Coffee’s expansion into Walmart stores

Fire Dept. Coffee, a veteran-owned company, is set to debut its popular coffee roasts at Walmart stores nationwide this June, following its success at Walmart’s “Open Call” event, as reported by Fire Dept. Coffee.

Founded in 2016, the company has grown rapidly and will now have its products available in more than 2,300 Walmart stores, nearly half of all Walmart locations in the United States.

Fire Dept. Coffee’s mission and offerings

Fire Dept. Coffee focuses on roasting high-quality and creative coffee blends while supporting sick or injured firefighters.

The company’s entry into Walmart stores will enhance its ability to support more firefighters and make a positive impact on those who serve their communities.

The initial roasts available in Walmart will include Original Medium Roast, Skull-Crushing Espresso, Shellback Espresso, and Black Cherry Bourbon Infused Coffee.

Additionally, Original Medium Roast, Skull-Crushing Espresso, and Shellback Espresso will be available in single-serve coffee pods.

Job creation in Rockford, Illinois

The demand to supply Walmart stores has led Fire Dept. Coffee to increase its workforce at its roasting, packaging, and shipping facilities in Rockford, Illinois.

This growth aligns with Walmart’s “Investing in American Jobs” initiative, a key goal of the Open Call event.

Luke Schneider, FDC founder and CEO, stated: “We could not be more thrilled about the opportunity for coffee lovers to find Fire Dept. Coffee in Walmart stores.

“It’s an opportunity to introduce our roasts to even more people, allowing us to help more firefighters in need.

“Not only that, it’s creating more jobs here in our hometown of Rockford.”

Walmart’s Open Call success

Walmart’s Open Call event attracted over 13,000 applications.

About 1,000 applicants were invited to Bentonville to present their products, demonstrating their potential for success on Walmart shelves.

Fire Dept. Coffee was among more than 180 businesses that received the Golden Ticket, securing the opportunity to be featured in Walmart stores.

About Fire Department Coffee

Established in 2016 by firefighter/paramedic and U.S. Navy veteran Luke Schneider, Fire Department Coffee is a NaVOBA-certified and NVBDC-certified veteran-owned business dedicated to crafting premium coffee and supporting sick and injured firefighters.

The company’s range of ground, whole bean, and coffee pods is freshly roasted in the U.S.A.

In 2018, Fire Dept. Coffee founded the Fire Dept. Coffee Charitable Foundation to support firefighters who have become sick or injured on the job or are facing other serious health issues.

Fire Department Coffee has a growing social media presence and serves millions of coffee enthusiasts through its high-quality products available online and in retail stores nationwide.

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