Verizon enhances network resilience ahead of 2024 wildfire season

April 26, 2024

Year-round preparation and technology investment bolster disaster response

As the United States approaches Wildfire Awareness Month this May, Verizon has intensified its commitment to community safety and continuous connectivity.

The telecom giant is implementing enhanced strategies and technologies to combat the increasing frequency and severity of wildfires, as experienced last year in Maui and recently in West Texas.

These initiatives are part of a broader effort to ensure robust disaster response capabilities nationwide.

Verizon’s preparation involves a sophisticated network infrastructure that includes over 550 mobile assets equipped with drone and aerial technology, and 200 satellite-based assets to maintain communication when traditional systems fail.

Mark Paff, Senior Director of Network Operations at Verizon, emphasized the company’s dedication: “As Wildfire Season approaches, our priority at Verizon is clear: keeping our communities safe and connected.

“We’re part of the fabric of the communities in which we live and work.

“Our focus is on ensuring that when challenges arise, our network stands strong to support first responders and keep people connected with their loved ones and the essential information they need to stay safe.”

Supporting first responders with Verizon Frontline

The Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team plays a crucial role in supporting public safety agencies.

This team, comprising mainly former first responders and military personnel, provides emergency communications assistance and has delivered nearly 2,400 Verizon Frontline solutions to enhance mission-critical operations across the country.

In 2023, the team responded to over 200 support requests from wildland firefighters in locations ranging from Hawaii to Virginia.

Promoting community and business preparedness

Verizon is not only focusing on technological enhancements but also on encouraging readiness among consumers and businesses.

The company offers practical tips for device protection and the use of essential safety applications, highlighting the importance of comprehensive business continuity planning.

This includes recommendations for businesses to ensure operational resilience, such as having updated contact information for all employees, making detailed equipment lists, and regularly testing primary and backup network systems.

For businesses and government organizations, Verizon suggests preparing detailed contingency plans, reviewing insurance coverages, and ensuring that the necessary technology and documents are in place to facilitate continued operation, even when primary locations are compromised.

FSJA Comment

Verizon’s proactive measures for the 2024 wildfire season reflect a strategic approach to disaster management and community safety.

By enhancing network resilience and deploying advanced technologies, Verizon is positioning itself as a critical support system for first responders and affected communities.

The focus on comprehensive preparedness—ranging from individual safety tips to organizational continuity strategies—demonstrates a commitment to maintaining service and support during crises.

This initiative is vital for ensuring that businesses, government agencies, and communities are better prepared and more resilient in the face of natural disasters.

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