Vector Solutions introduces new advancements in fire department shift scheduling at FDIC International 2024

April 16, 2024

Vector Solutions reveals latest updates in fire department shift scheduling software

Vector Solutions, a provider of technology solutions for public safety professionals, announced new updates to its fire department shift scheduling software at FDIC International 2024.

The enhancements focus on saving administrative time, increasing scheduling efficiency, and improving the user experience.

These improvements are part of the company’s ongoing efforts to meet the changing needs of the fire service.

The recent updates to Vector Scheduling include using personnel hire dates as a tiebreaker to ensure fair shift allocation and simplify scheduling for administrators.

The software also allows personnel to choose their preferred work location from multiple options, reducing grievances and administrative burdens when managing a dispersed workforce.

New features aim to improve operational efficiencies

Vector Scheduling now features advanced automation that considers personnel qualifications, agency rules, and assignment location.

This will help optimize shift scheduling across departments.

The software provides tools to monitor coverage, comply with overtime regulations, and ensure qualified personnel fill open shifts.

Chief Dan Pfannenstiel, Deputy Chief of Operations at West Metro Fire Rescue in Colorado, shared his experience with the software: “Staffing in the fire service needs to be dynamic and it needs to be timely and the scheduling platform at Vector Solutions allows us to do that.”

Anticipated enhancements to further streamline fire department operations

Looking ahead, Vector Solutions plans to introduce a new scheduler view that will enhance scheduling efficiencies and save time.

This feature will allow administrators to view multiple days and use filters to better understand the schedule across time periods.

It will enable supervisors to only see personnel they are responsible for, identify scheduling patterns, and address gaps more effectively.

Additionally, the upcoming Assistant move-up enhancement will automate the process of promoting qualified personnel to higher-ranking positions before hiring back for lower-ranked ones.

This is designed to help save time and reduce costs for fire departments.

FSJA Comment

Vector Solutions’ latest advancements in shift scheduling software represent a substantial step forward in the technological support available to fire departments.

By automating complex scheduling tasks and enhancing fairness and efficiency, these tools can help departments better manage their resources and focus on their primary mission of community protection.

The ongoing updates and new features also reflect the company’s commitment to adapting to the evolving needs of public safety professionals, ensuring they have the tools necessary to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

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