US marks National Week of Flame Retardants

January 23, 2024

Event details and participation

The US National Week of Flame Retardants is taking place this week (January 22-25, 2024).

This event, organized online by the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) and Pinfa North America (pinfa-NA), brings together experts in the field of flame retardant technology.

The 2024 event follows the success of the previous edition, which attracted over one hundred participants.

Presentations and topics on Flame Retardants

The week-long event features nine presentations covering a range of topics.

These include regulatory developments, fire testing, new phosphorus, inorganic, and nitrogen (PIN) flame retardants, and advancements in mineral flame retardants.

Additionally, the event will delve into PIN flame retardant formulations for polycarbonates and intumescents.

Expert involvement and resources

Experts from various organizations, including Case Western Reserve University, Imerys, Avient, Paxymer, FRX Polymers, and Celestial Materials, will be participating.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in question-and-answer sessions with these experts, providing a platform for in-depth discussions and knowledge exchange.

FSJA Comment

The US National Week of Flame Retardants highlights the ongoing efforts and advancements in flame retardant technology.

This event is significant for professionals in the industry, offering a unique opportunity to stay updated with the latest developments and connect with leading experts.

The focus on new and improved flame retardant solutions underscores the industry’s commitment to safety and innovation.

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