US Fire Administrator promotes fire safety during winter

January 24, 2024

Fire safety initiative launches in North Lawndale

In response to the increased risk of residential fires during the winter months, a new fire safety initiative has been launched in North Lawndale, Chicago.

U.S. Fire Administrator Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell, along with Chicago Fire Commissioner Annette Nance-Holt and other fire service officials, visited a North Lawndale fire station to promote awareness and safety measures.

Winter risks and fire safety

The initiative underscores the heightened fire risks associated with winter, such as the use of space heaters, power outages, and candles.

“The winter-time brings increased fire risk, because we’re worried about heated security.

“People are using space heaters, power outages, maybe they’re using candles that can cause greater fires if they’re knocked over,” Moore-Merrell told a reporter.

She emphasized the national concern, stating: “Across the nation right now, we’re experiencing eight fire deaths a day in homes, where people should be their safest.

So we really want people to pay attention to the risks.”

Collaborative efforts and ongoing campaigns

The Fire Stop Tour, part of this initiative, will conclude in Columbus, OH, but the fire safety messages will continue beyond the tour.

The Department of Homeland Security is also hosting a virtual Winter Ready Extreme Cold Summit.

Notable participants in the tour include Tod A. Bettison, Deputy Mayor of Detroit; Commissioner Chuck Simms, City of Detroit Fire Department; and several other key figures from various fire safety and protection organizations.

FSJA Comment

The recent initiative in North Lawndale highlights the ongoing efforts to address fire safety, especially during the winter months when the risks are elevated.

This program serves as a reminder of the importance of fire safety awareness and the need for continual education and proactive measures.

The collaboration between various fire departments and safety organizations exemplifies a unified approach towards reducing fire hazards and protecting communities.

Such initiatives are essential in promoting safety and preparedness, ultimately aiming to reduce the number of fire-related incidents and fatalities.

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