United Safety & Survivability Corporation expands with Fire Protection Technologies acquisition

December 1, 2023

United Safety & Survivability Corporation (United Safety), a global leader in safety and survivability solutions, has officially announced its acquisition of Fire Protection Technologies (FPT), a PON Company, as of November 29th, 2023.

This move marks United Safety’s 8th acquisition in Australia, signaling a significant expansion in the fire suppression industry.

Strengthening global presence through strategic acquisitions

United Safety, under the leadership of President & CEO Joseph Mirabile, has been actively pursuing acquisitions to enhance its global footprint and product portfolio.

“This acquisition underscores our commitment to targeted acquisitions that enhances our global footprint and product portfolio.

We are excited to welcome Fire Protection Technologies into our global family and this acquisition will further strengthen our growing market share within the fire suppression industry,” Mirabile stated.

Fire Protection Technologies: A legacy of excellence

With over 25 years in the industry, Fire Protection Technologies has been a pioneer in providing world-class products and independent special hazards design knowledge.

CEO Anthony Stagg commented on the acquisition, expressing enthusiasm about the expanded capacity and broadened product offerings that will result.

“This acquisition gives us greater capacity to support our customers, while broadening our product and service offering.

We will continue to offer the same world-class products, personal and professional services, and are looking forward to being part of the United Safety Family,” said Stagg.

Expanding footprint in Australia and globally

Kristian Bischoff, CEO of United Safety Australia, highlighted the significance of this partnership.

“This is an exciting moment to be able to partner with a quality fire business that provides engineered solutions and presence across the fire protection industry.

The acquisition will allow us to grow our footprint within Australia while also broadening our impact globally,” he remarked.

Support from Dubin Clark & Company

United Safety is backed by Dubin Clark & Company, a private equity investment firm based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Michael Hompesch, a partner at Dubin Clark and a board member of United Safety, emphasized the alignment of this acquisition with the company’s vision.

“Acquisitions, such as this one, align with our vision for the company and reinforces our commitment to investing in businesses that advance safety technologies specifically within the fire suppression space.

We believe that this strategic expansion will enhance United Safety’s market position within the fire safety industry and shows our confidence in the corporation’s ability to deliver value to customers globally,” Hompesch explained.

FSJA Comment

The acquisition of Fire Protection Technologies by United Safety & Survivability Corporation is a strategic move that exemplifies the dynamic nature of the fire safety and suppression industry.

This acquisition is not just a business transaction; it represents the convergence of two entities with a shared vision of enhancing safety and survivability solutions globally.

United Safety’s series of acquisitions, particularly in the Australian market, signifies a deliberate effort to solidify its presence and influence in the global arena.

The collaboration between these two industry leaders promises to bring innovative solutions to the forefront of fire safety technology.

With a combined expertise spanning decades, the integration of Fire Protection Technologies into United Safety’s portfolio promises to deliver enhanced products and services to a wider range of clients.

This acquisition also underlines the importance of strategic partnerships in fostering growth and expanding global reach in specialized industries.

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