UNGRD plans reassignment for Piojó disaster victims in Colombia

June 13, 2024

UNGRD approves land for reassignment

The National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) has approved a property for the reassignment of families affected by the mass movement in Piojó, Atlántico, at the end of 2022.

As reported by UNGRD, the Director General, Carlos Carrillo Arenas, announced the decision during a meeting with the community, the municipal mayor’s office, and the Government of Atlántico.

Collaborative planning with local entities

Communities, the national government, and local entities will collaborate in participatory spaces to structure the new reassignment project.

Carrillo Arenas stated: “We verified the land for reassignment and found it viable for an urban and productive project that dignifies life and stimulates the local economy.

“We propose to make it a reality through collective work involving the communities.”

Temporary housing subsidies and social mapping

The UNGRD will ensure the delivery of rental subsidies as a temporary measure for those affected, in coordination with the Piojó mayor’s office.

The new administration will also conduct social mapping to reactivate the community pot program during emergencies in the municipality.

Technical analysis and psychosocial support

A technical team will perform a vulnerability analysis in the affected and surrounding areas to ensure the safety of Piojó’s residents.

The disaster victims will receive psychosocial support to strengthen resilience and guidance on self-care and valuing life.

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