UNGRD Director General calls for joint efforts in La Guajira

December 14, 2023

Collaboration for community rights and risk management

The Director General of the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD), Olmedo López, convened a meeting with newly elected mayors and deputies of La Guajira, emphasizing the importance of working together to ensure the rights of communities and strengthen risk management across the municipalities.

During the meeting, López expressed optimism about the potential for positive change in La Guajira.

He highlighted the need for a collaborative approach, focusing on reviewing projects to effectively manage territorial planning around water resources.

Investments and actions in La Guajira

Currently, UNGRD is investing approximately 507 billion pesos in La Guajira.

López stressed the commitment to ensuring access to potable water and safe living conditions, declaring La Guajira a priority area.

He underscored the reality of UNGRD’s support for the communities.

Sneyder Pinilla, the UNGRD’s Deputy Director for Disaster Management, outlined the ongoing efforts in the department.

These include the construction of three desalination plants to provide potable water in Alta Guajira, maintenance of 90 windmills and wells, rehabilitation of access roads to rancherías, and the adaptation of around 1,400 jagüeyes (water reservoirs) in the region.

Long-term commitment and support

Pinilla also mentioned the four-year plan focusing on addressing each municipality’s needs in La Guajira.

The plan includes training for mayors and municipal councils on disaster risk management, generating declarations of public calamity, and guiding the return to normalcy after disasters.

National disaster situation and response

The UNGRD highlighted the extension of the national disaster declaration due to the rainy season and the La Niña phenomenon of 2022 through Decree 1810 of 2023.

This decree will enable the handling of emergencies and declarations of public calamity resulting from heavy rains or associated phenomena in the department.

FSJA Comment

The collaborative initiative led by UNGRD Director General Olmedo López in La Guajira represents a significant step towards addressing the complex challenges faced by the region.

The emphasis on unified efforts among local governments, coupled with substantial financial investment, reflects a comprehensive approach to managing disaster risks and ensuring community welfare.

The construction of desalination plants and the maintenance of vital infrastructure like windmills and wells demonstrate a practical and forward-thinking approach to resource management, particularly water, which is crucial in this arid region.

The commitment to long-term planning and training of local authorities signifies an understanding of the need for sustainable and resilient strategies to cope with environmental challenges and climate-related disasters.

Note: This article has been translated from Spanish and may contain errors due to automated translation processes.

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