Umgrauemeio secures R$18.7 million investment to enhance forest fire detection

March 28, 2024

Brazilian startup umgrauemeio raises funds to fight forest fires with AI technology

Umgrauemeio, a startup from Jundiaí, São Paulo, Brazil, has successfully completed its initial investment round, securing R$18.7 million.

This funding aims to further the development and deployment of an AI-based integrated management and risk analysis solution.

This platform employs artificial intelligence in conjunction with camera monitoring systems to improve the detection of forest fires, minimize CO2 emissions, and enhance the immediate identification of smoke signals.

The investment round, which started in December, saw participation from Indicator Capital, Latin America’s leading venture capital firm specializing in the Internet of Things and deep tech, contributing R$7 million.

Baraúna Investimentos added R$9 million, with The Yield Lab Latam and Rural Ventures rounding off the contributions.

A solution to a growing problem

Brazil has faced severe forest fires, with over 9 million hectares burned in 2023 alone, 84% of which were in native forest areas, as per MapBiomas Brasil data.

The Pantera platform by umgrauemeio uses high-resolution cameras on communication towers for quick fire detection, providing precise ignition point locations.

This technology facilitates faster response and firefighting efforts, safeguarding natural and agricultural lands and enhancing security for property owners and communities.

The platform integrates camera and satellite detection for comprehensive monitoring.

Currently monitoring over 17.5 million hectares in Brazil, umgrauemeio reported revenues of R$19.2 million in 2023, projecting R$23.9 million in 2024.

The startup has established key partnerships and achieved notable success in commercial forestry and agriculture, boasting clients like Suzano and BP Bunge.

FSJA Comment

Umgrauemeio’s successful fundraising marks a pivotal moment in the battle against forest fires and climate change.

The integration of AI and advanced monitoring technologies presents a forward-thinking approach to environmental protection.

This strategy aims to address the immediate threats posed by forest fires but it also contributes to the broader efforts to mitigate climate change through CO2 emission reduction.

The startup’s ability to attract significant investment and recognition on an international stage underscores the global relevance of its mission.

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