UL Solutions approved by U.S. Coast Guard for fire detection equipment testing

March 25, 2024

UL Solutions, a recognized leader in safety science, announced its acceptance by the United States Coast Guard as an independent laboratory for the testing of fire detection equipment.

This endorsement enables UL Solutions to conduct tests on products that, once certified, will be included in the U.S. Coast Guard’s approved equipment list.

This development is aimed at enhancing the safety of both passengers and crew on marine vessels through reliable fire detection systems.

Testing and certification capabilities

UL Solutions now has the authority to test a range of fire detection systems and components.

These include control units, heat detectors, smoke detectors, audible and visual alarms, and manual signaling boxes under approval series 161.002.

These systems play a vital role in alerting passengers and crew during fire emergencies on vessels regulated by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The testing process focuses on ensuring the functionality of these devices in harsh marine environments, testing against factors such as exposure to salt water, electrical integrity, and resistance to varying levels of humidity and temperature.

Karine Johnfroe, Vice President and General Mmanager of the Built Environment group at UL Solutions, emphasized the importance of reliable fire detection equipment in safety: “Whether on land or sea, reliable fire detection equipment plays a critical role in the event of a fire.

“UL Solutions’ extensive expertise in fire safety enables us to test fire detection equipment in demanding marine environments.

“We are pleased to be accepted as an independent laboratory by the U.S. Coast Guard and help improve safety in the marine environment.”

U.S. Coast Guard’s endorsement

The U.S. Coast Guard has recognized UL Solutions’ capability to meet the stringent requirements for vessel fire safety.

Lt. Cmdr. Jon Taylor from the Office of Design and Engineering Standards, Lifesaving and Fire Safety Division, U.S. Coast Guard, highlighted the importance of this partnership: “There are specific requirements for vessel fire safety and reliable fire detection is a critical part of this.

UL Solutions has successfully met all U.S. Coast Guard requirements to be listed as an independent laboratory for fire detection systems and utilize its longstanding safety science expertise in the vital testing of fire detection products that passengers and crew rely on in critical moments.”

UL Solutions’ role in fire safety

With decades of experience in fire protection, UL Solutions is positioned to support first responders, public safety stakeholders, and manufacturers.

The company’s goal is to reduce fire risks, strengthen protections, advance understanding of fire science, and introduce innovative fire protection equipment to the market.

UL Solutions’ comprehensive services include fire safety testing and certification, training offerings, and expertise, all contributing to its mission of working for a safer world.

FSJA Comment

The announcement from UL Solutions marks a significant milestone in marine safety, emphasizing the critical role of advanced fire detection technologies in safeguarding lives and properties at sea.

This collaboration between UL Solutions and the U.S. Coast Guard underscores the importance of rigorous testing and certification processes in enhancing the reliability and effectiveness of fire detection systems aboard vessels.

By leveraging its extensive expertise in fire safety, UL Solutions not only contributes to the improvement of safety standards in the marine environment but also reinforces the global commitment to ensuring the welfare of passengers and crew in maritime operations.

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