U.S. House passes act to mint commemorative coins honoring working dogs

May 30, 2024

House approves Working Dog Commemorative Coin Act

As reported by America’s VetDogs, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed H.R. 807, known as the Working Dog Commemorative Coin Act.

This bill, introduced by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) and Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA), authorizes the Department of Treasury to mint a commemorative coin series.

The sales surcharges will support America’s VetDogs, a nonprofit organization that provides service dogs to veterans, active-duty service members, and first responders with disabilities.

Rep. McHenry emphasized the significance of this legislation: “Working dogs are so embedded in our daily lives here on Capitol Hill, we often pass them by without noticing.

“The Working Dog Commemorative Coin Act will help get these incredible animals the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

“This legislation not only honors the working dogs who protect Americans at home and abroad, but also the extraordinary people that benefit from their service.

“I would like to thank the America’s VetDogs team for their relentless work to get this bill to the floor today.”

Bipartisan support for commemorative coin series

The bipartisan support for the Working Dog Commemorative Coin Act underscores the importance of service dogs in improving the lives of veterans and first responders.

John Miller, president and CEO of America’s VetDogs, expressed gratitude for the legislation’s backing: “We are grateful for the bipartisan support of The Working Dog Commemorative Coin by members of the House and want to thank Chairman McHenry, Rep.

“McGovern, and our Long Island delegation for their leadership and commitment.”

The coins will represent the vital work of service and military working dogs and aid America’s VetDogs in continuing its mission.

This organization has placed over 1,000 assistance dogs since 2003 and provides various types of service dogs, including those for individuals with physical disabilities, PTSD, vision impairments, hearing loss, and seizure response needs.

America’s VetDogs received the 2024 Community Service Citizens Award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society in recognition of its contributions.

Impact on veterans and first responders

America’s VetDogs ensures that the highly trained service dogs are provided at no charge to veterans and first responders, typically within 12 months of approval.

This support extends to individuals nationwide, enhancing their quality of life through the companionship and assistance of service dogs.

The organization’s work includes facility dogs for animal-assisted therapy at military and VA hospitals, addressing various needs of veterans and first responders.

The funds raised from the commemorative coin sales will bolster these efforts, ensuring continued support for those who have served the nation.

Recognition of America’s VetDogs

In addition to the recent legislative support, America’s VetDogs has been recognized for its significant impact.

The 2024 Community Service Citizens Award highlights the organization’s dedication to providing life-changing services.

By continuing to place service dogs with those in need, America’s VetDogs exemplifies the positive outcomes of dedicated service animal programs.

The commemorative coin series authorized by the House will not only honor the contributions of working dogs but also generate essential funding for ongoing and future initiatives.

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