U.S. Fire Administration announces agenda for upcoming summit on fire prevention

October 3, 2023
fire prevention

The U.S. Fire Administration has disclosed its formal agenda for an anticipated summit concerning fire prevention and control.

Scheduled for Tuesday, October 10, 2023, the event will be convened at the Building E Auditorium.

Morning sessions: A dialogue with fire prevention specialists

The day will commence with a networking breakfast, where attendees are expected to liaise with sponsors and partnering organizations.

By 8:45 am, all attendees are anticipated to be in their respective seats, preparing for the substantive sessions ahead.

The highlight of the morning will be a roundtable listening session. Esteemed professionals, including as Chief Donna Black of the International Association of Fire Chiefs from Duck Fire Department, North Carolina, and Deputy Chief Kevin Quinn (Retired) of the National Volunteer Fire Council from Union Fire District, Rhode Island, will offer their testimonies.

They, alongside other panelists, will address diverse challenges in fire prevention, ranging from wildfires to firefighter recruitment and retention.

Afternoon discourse: Exploring the state of fire prevention science

Post the lunch break, the “State of Science” segment will take precedence.

Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell, the U.S. Fire Administrator of the U.S. Fire Administration, along with Victor Stagnaro, CEO of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, are slated to introduce this session.

The subsequent hours will be packed with topics that dissect the interface of emerging technology with fire incidents, the influence of climate change on fire outbreaks, and discussions on fire-based EMS innovations, among others.

Towards the end: Prioritizing community engagement and firefighter health

The day’s agenda will progressively steer towards pivotal areas like community engagement in fire prevention and the overall health and safety of firefighters.

Notable speakers such as Fire Chief Samuel Peña from Houston Fire Department, Texas, and Dr. Hanna Vick, Senior Policy Advisor from the Federal Emergency Management Agency Office of External Affairs, will contribute their expertise.

For a full view of the summit’s agenda, visit here.

FSJA Comment

The unveiling of this meticulous agenda by the U.S. Fire Administration signals the pressing need for dialogue and actionable strategies in fire prevention.

We interpret this assembly of professionals as an opportunity to both consolidate existing knowledge and charter new territories in fire safety and prevention.

Such collaborative ventures are paramount in architecting a comprehensive framework for community safety.

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