Training in a football stadium ensures safety at sporting events

February 1, 2024
fire training

Horizonte fire department conducts training in football stadium

On January 23rd, the Horizonte Military Fire Department held a comprehensive training session at Estádio Domingão to improve emergency response in football stadiums.

The initiative, led by Lieutenant-Colonel Marcos Gomes, focused on preparing professionals for emergency situations in sports venues.

This effort marks a step towards enhanced safety measures for large public gatherings.

Theoretical and practical aspects of training

The training was divided into two segments: theoretical knowledge in the morning and practical exercises in the afternoon.

The theoretical part covered legislation, technical standards, and architectural concepts relevant to stadiums.

A key focus was on fire and panic protection, with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) specific to football stadiums introduced.

This SOP serves as a guideline for firefighters in emergency scenarios.

Equipment simulations and tests

The practical segment, conducted at Estádio Domingão, involved applying the knowledge gained in real-world scenarios.

Firefighters carried out simulations, inspections, and tests of various equipment, ranging from extinguishers to rescue gear.

The collaboration of the stadium’s fire brigade and the involvement of students from the Young Brigadist of Valor Project (JBV) were crucial to the success of this segment.

Integration and collaboration

The training emphasized the importance of collaboration between fire teams and stadium administration for ensuring patron safety.

Mr. Chelo Rocha, the municipality’s Sports Secretary, participated in the event, highlighting the joint efforts of local authorities in promoting effective prevention and community protection actions.

FSJA Comment

The training conducted by the Horizonte Military Fire Department at Estádio Domingão represents a proactive approach to managing safety at large-scale sporting events.

By combining theoretical knowledge with practical simulations, the training ensures that firefighters are well-prepared for a variety of emergency situations.

The collaboration between the fire department, stadium administration, and other community partners illustrates a comprehensive strategy for public safety.

Such initiatives are essential in safeguarding the wellbeing of citizens during major events, reflecting a commitment to continuous improvement in emergency preparedness and response capabilities.

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