TracPlus introduces new ‘Trip Analysis’ feature for enhanced asset tracking and safety

February 5, 2024

TracPlus launches new Trip Analysis module

TracPlus has announced the launch of its new Trip Analysis feature, a development that promises to transform the landscape of asset tracking and operational insight, especially for those involved in wildland firefighting and emergency services.

This innovative tool is designed to provide a comprehensive analytics solution that enables detailed monitoring and evaluation of asset movements, offering users advanced features such as geo-referenced tracking, sub-trip analysis, and unique altitude insights.

Key features of Trip Analysis

The Trip Analysis module comes equipped with a range of features aimed at improving logistical oversight and operational performance.

These include geo-referenced departure and arrival locations, precise time and date stamps for departures and arrivals, and an overview of trip duration and distance.

Additionally, the tool offers sub-trip summaries, analysis of engine events, exportable data insights, and detailed altitude and speed analysis.

Each feature is tailored to enhance the efficiency of operations and support better planning and decision-making processes.

Enhancing safety and operational efficiency

The introduction of Trip Analysis by TracPlus is expected to significantly boost the operational efficiency and safety protocols of leading agencies and operators.

Wayne Oxenham, TracPlus’ Global Head of Product, emphasized the transformative potential of this tool, stating: “This development streamlines complex location data into actionable and accessible insights, enabling organisations to understand their fleet’s performance and therefore optimise their efficiency and safety.”

Oxenham highlighted the advanced algorithms at play, which automate the processing of critical information from existing data, thereby saving time, ensuring accuracy, and potentially improving safety and revenue for customers.

Availability and future prospects

Currently available as a Beta release, Trip Analysis allows early adopters to experience the benefits of the tool in enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

TracPlus plans to make the feature available for wider release in early 2024, inviting organisations interested in leveraging Trip Analysis for their operations to reach out for more information or to arrange a demonstration.

FSJA Comment

The launch of TracPlus’ Trip Analysis feature marks a notable advancement in the field of asset tracking and operational management.

By providing detailed insights into asset movements and operational performance, this tool addresses a critical need for enhanced efficiency and safety among emergency service providers and wildland firefighting agencies.

The ability to analyze and optimize asset utilization based on comprehensive data not only streamlines operational processes but also plays a crucial role in safeguarding personnel in challenging environments.

This innovation reflects a growing trend towards the integration of technology in mission-critical operations, offering a glimpse into the future of operational management where data-driven decision-making is paramount.

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