TracPlus Beacon app launched for advanced aerial firefighting tracking

May 21, 2024

Innovative tracking solution for aerial firefighting

TracPlus, a global provider of aerial firefighting software solutions, has announced the launch of TracPlus Beacon.

This innovative mobile application transforms smartphones into advanced tracking devices.

The new app integrates seamlessly with the TracPlus Cloud platform, extending trusted tracking, operational oversight, and safety to more asset types across land, sea, and air.

As reported by TracPlus, this solution is designed to meet the needs of diverse and complex environments, providing scalable and cost-effective tracking capabilities without the need for additional hardware for assets within cellular reception.

TracPlus is the only commercial provider delivering a complete country-wide tracking solution for the aerial firefighting market.

By leveraging smartphones, leaders can now utilize these devices as sophisticated safety tools, providing real-time location updates directly within the TracPlus Cloud platform.

Users can activate real-time tracking with a tap and use the phone’s GPS to send continuous location data, even caching data when out of cellular range to upload later and ensure uninterrupted tracking.

Industry impact and future developments

Todd O’Hara, TracPlus’ Head of Product, emphasized the significance of this development: “The future of our industry hinges on connectivity, and embracing ‘cellular over satellite’ technology is a key step.

The acceleration towards ubiquitous data access, even over fire fronts, is becoming more feasible and TracPlus Beacon represents our first step to capitalize on this shift.”

O’Hara further elaborated: “Looking ahead, it’s not unrealistic to see an app like TracPlus Beacon become AFF-compatible, providing critical firefighting data—including images and streaming video from fires, alongside other telemetry and analytics—at volumes that existing satellite infrastructures simply cannot support.”

Enhanced operational management and safety

With TracPlus Beacon, the company broadens accessibility to vital safety features by providing a straightforward way for customers to engage with the valuable insights and oversight capabilities of TracPlus Cloud.

This integration delivers a unified operational view, offering real-time visibility crucial for managing remote field teams or coordinating complex logistics.

Customers gain a consistent and accurate overview of their operations, enabling effective safety management and operational efficiency across diverse environments.

TracPlus Beacon is now universally available to all organizations, regardless of their current aircraft tracking system provider.

To showcase the advantages and ease of integration of TracPlus Beacon, TracPlus is offering one free license to any organization that operates aircraft anywhere in the world, including those that do not yet use the TracPlus system.

FSJA Comment

The launch of TracPlus Beacon represents a notable advancement in the field of aerial firefighting and operational management.

By turning smartphones into sophisticated tracking devices, TracPlus has introduced a cost-effective and scalable solution that enhances safety and operational oversight across various environments.

The integration with TracPlus Cloud ensures real-time visibility and unified operational views, crucial for managing remote teams and complex logistics.

The potential future compatibility with AFF and the ability to handle high volumes of data, including streaming video and telemetry, underscore the app’s innovative approach to emergency management.

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