Toronto Fire Services achieves accredited agency status from CFAI

March 5, 2024

Toronto Fire Services (TFS) has been awarded Accredited Agency Status for the second consecutive time by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) and the Centre for Public Safety Excellence, Inc.

This distinction acknowledges TFS’s dedication to continuous improvement and provision of exceptional fire protection services that cater to the needs of Toronto’s community.

Toronto’s commitment to world-class fire protection

The City of Toronto, as the largest city in North America to hold this international accreditation, joins a select group of 310 agencies worldwide with the CFAI Accredited Agency status.

This prestigious recognition is effective from 2024 through 2029, underscoring Toronto’s ongoing commitment to maintaining high standards in fire safety and protection.

The CFAI accreditation program is designed to assist fire services in goal-setting, strategic planning, and enhancing their fire protection services.

The process is comprehensive, involving a rigorous evaluation against 250 performance indicators and global best practices.

Rigorous evaluation process and international recognition

The journey to reaffirming the Accredited Agency Status entailed a thorough examination of TFS’s operations.

The process included a detailed self-assessment and a meticulous peer review by external experts.

Additionally, a formal verification was conducted by a 13-member commission, comprising fire protection specialists, senior municipal executives, and labour association leadership from across North America.

This evaluation framework not only benchmarks TFS against international standards but also reinforces the commitment to analytics-informed decision-making and excellence in service delivery.

Fire Chief’s statement on the achievement

Matthew Pegg, Fire Chief of Toronto Fire Services, expressed his gratitude and pride in achieving this status: “Maintaining International Accreditation under CFAI, validates the continuing commitment of City Council to providing leading edge, efficient and effective fire protection services in Toronto.

“This exhaustive, independent evaluation of every aspect of Toronto Fire Services’ performance, validates and affirms our continuing commitment to people-focused, analytics-informed decision making and our shared commitment to the delivery of truly world-class fire protection services in Toronto.

“I am beyond thankful for each and every member of our incredible team, who give their all in service to others each and every day”.

Toronto, a city with over three million residents, stands as a testament to diversity, economic prowess, and livability.

As the fourth largest city in North America, Toronto leads in various sectors including technology, finance, and culture, benefiting from the contributions and investments of its government, residents, and businesses.

FSJA Comment

The accreditation of Toronto Fire Services by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International for the second time is a clear indication of the city’s dedication to maintaining high standards in fire safety and emergency services.

The rigorous evaluation process and the adherence to international best practices demonstrate the city’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in public safety.

The recognition is a reflection of the collective efforts of the city’s leadership and the dedicated personnel of Toronto Fire Services, contributing to the well-being and safety of its diverse and growing population.

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