TLX Technologies highlights remote monitoring solutions for fire suppression systems

October 15, 2023

In a recent blog post by TLX Technologies, advancements in fire suppression technology have been highlighted, emphasizing the need for continuous remote monitoring.

These technological developments can bring peace of mind to facilities that require advanced fire suppression systems, especially in hard-to-reach or remote locations.

TLX’s strides in improving fire system monitoring

Fire suppression systems have evolved to benefit from modern technology, allowing for the remote collection and monitoring of data.

This feature proves especially invaluable for areas such as power substations, offshore rigs, and stationary energy storage systems.

Such systems help to prevent incidents like the one that occurred in 2019, when a warehouse in Andover, England experienced a devastating fire.

Typically, fire suppression systems undergo inspections only twice annually.

This limited frequency can risk the system’s effectiveness, potentially allowing faults to go unnoticed between checks.

Integrating appropriate sensors into crucial parts of these systems can detect even minor faults in real-time, preventing system failures.

Innovations by TLX in fire suppression

TLX Fire & Security is at the forefront of introducing solutions that facilitate both on-site and remote monitoring of fire suppression systems.

Such innovations can notably enhance system safety, minimizing human errors and signaling when maintenance is required between checks.

Traditional methods of monitoring the extinguishing agent’s weight could be fraught with potential inaccuracies or risks.

TLX Fire & Security, leveraging the latest in integrated sensing technology, has developed continuous weight monitoring solutions.

These systems, like the Liquid Level Sensor and the Platform Weight-Monitoring System, provide accurate, real-time data on the agent present in the system’s cylinders.

Meeting industry standards and future need

Apart from weight monitoring, TLX has incorporated integrated supervision in their electric actuators for fire suppression.

This ensures they meet the necessary regulatory standards.

Furthermore, recognizing the intricacies of systems designed for hazardous locations, TLX introduced the Explosion Proof Actuator with Supervision, certified by leading safety organizations.

TLX’s Event Recorder, another addition to their line-up, offers a timestamped log of events to help maintain and monitor system status.

This aids in understanding whether the system was manually or electrically activated and even logs accidental discharges.

It is evident that as the fire suppression industry progresses, the necessity for continuous, remote monitoring of fire suppression systems is paramount.

Technologies that offer such monitoring, while also reducing human error, are crucial in safeguarding both personnel and assets.

FSJA Comment

In the evolving landscape of fire and safety, TLX Technologies is demonstrating a forward-thinking approach in fire suppression system monitoring.

As facilities become increasingly automated and remote, the need for advanced, continuous monitoring systems is clear.

By leveraging technology to minimize risks and detect issues in real-time, facilities can be more secure, and personnel can operate with greater peace of mind.

TLX’s advancements underscore the significant shifts in fire suppression and safety approaches, pointing towards a safer, technologically-driven future.

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