Timóteo hosts 11th BBM’s mutual performance simulation

October 13, 2023
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11th Military Firefighter Battalion in Timóteo carries out simulation

On the morning of Thursday (5), the 11th Military Firefighter Battalion, located at the Timóteo Training Center, spearheaded a mutual operational performance simulation for the Mutual Aid Plan, or PAM – Vale do Aço.

This event was particularly noticeable due to the robust involvement of partner companies, Civil Defense, the State Forestry Institute, SAMU, the Minas Prevention Organic Brigade, the Nova Era-MG Emergency Voluntary Support Group, and the Volunteer Firefighters from São Domingos do Prata Municipality.

The synergy and partnership of all these entities were underscored and recognized as essential components.

Timóteo simulation focuses on railway accident scenario

The drill simulated a railway accident which led to a cascade of subsequent events.

To oversee and manage the situation effectively, the Operations Command System was employed.

Every resource tapped into, from the number of victims to the employees saved, was meticulously recorded.

Moreover, diverse on-site workshops addressed topics ranging from Pre-Hospital Care (employing the START method) to Firefighting, Dangerous Product Handling, Vehicle Rescue, and High-Altitude Operations.

Collaboration in Timóteo reinforces unity in complex scenarios

Throughout the drill, the cohesive dynamic among the various firms constituting PAM was palpable, underscoring the essence of collective effort in intricate situations.

Observers were in attendance, gleaning essential insights during the simulation.

FSJA Comment

The recent simulation exercise conducted by the 11th Military Firefighter Battalion in Timóteo exemplifies the power of collaboration in emergency scenarios.

By simulating complex situations like a railway accident, this drill ensured that all participating entities, from Civil Defense to volunteer groups, are better prepared for potential incidents in the future.

The emphasis on mutual aid, teamwork, and efficient coordination sets a benchmark for other regions to emulate.

Moreover, the workshops provided during the drill offered a comprehensive understanding of varied emergency scenarios.

Such efforts not only bolster regional preparedness but also foster a community-wide commitment to safety and resilience.

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