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February 5, 2024

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Hello and welcome to the inaugural issue of Fire and Safety Journal Americas!

We are excited to introduce the definitive new media platform dedicated to unique challenges and opportunities presented by the fire and safety sectors throughout the Americas.

FSJA is the first journal uniquely dedicated to the entire spectrum of the fire industry in the Americas, covering both fire and rescue as well as protection and prevention.

Born from extensive research with our Americas audience, manufacturers, and academics, FSJA meets the demand for a dedicated Americas-focused publication, serving as both a crucial information resource and a targeted marketing platform for clients operating solely within this region.

Our Head to Head features an insightful conversation between Managing Editor Duncan J. White and industry legend Jeff Darley, COO and Executive VP of Darley, highlighting Darley’s significant contributions to modern fire safety practices.

Meanwhile, our Special Report, produced in collaboration with Pierce Manufacturing, explores firefighting vehicles, with insights from CEO Bob Schulz on Pierce’s history of innovation and its impact on firefighting efforts.

There is also an exclusive interview with Chief John S. Butler, President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), spotlighting Chief Butler’s exemplary leadership and deep comprehension of the challenges and opportunities in fire and emergency services.

Elsewhere, we dive into the future of wildfire response, fire detection, firefighting equipment, fire safety strategies, decontamination and more.

As we grow, we will be on the lookout for compelling and insightful content to feature in our upcoming issues. If you have a papers or articles that challenge the status quo, provide new insights, or present innovative solutions that could benefit the fire and safety community, get in touch: iain.hoey@intfireandsafetyjournal.com.

If you’re not already, join our dynamic community on social media, sign up for our essential newsletters, and stay at the forefront of fire and safety developments by visiting our website regularly. Be part of the conversation and stay informed with FSJA!

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