Telgian’s fire alarm system replacement webinar to take place on 21 December

December 18, 2023

Mike Valkenaar to lead webinar on fire alarm system replacement

Telgian Engineering & Consulting has announced that its fire protection expert Mike Valkenaar, CET, will lead a webinar titled “Fire Alarm System Replacement” on December 21, 2023.

Scheduled from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm ET, this educational session is part of the Fire Smarts series, focusing on key aspects of fire safety and prevention.

Valkenaar’s extensive experience in fire protection

Mike Valkenaar brings over two decades of experience in low voltage systems for fire protection and security to this webinar.

As a seasoned designer at Telgian Engineering & Consulting, Valkenaar’s expertise encompasses roles as a technician, installer, plan reviewer, and designer of fire alarm systems.

His work has spanned various occupancy types, including complex multi-story and mixed-use structures.

Valkenaar also holds a Level III NICET Fire Alarm Systems certification, further solidifying his proficiency in the field.

Key focus areas of the upcoming webinar

The webinar aims to equip facilities managers with crucial knowledge on when to consider replacing a fire alarm system, rather than continuing with repairs.

Valkenaar emphasizes the importance of understanding the right time for an upgrade and will share best practices for conducting such an overhaul.

Attendees can expect to delve into common repair situations that typically lead to a system upgrade.

Additionally, the webinar will cover essential information needed to make informed decisions, a review of applicable codes, documentation requirements, and design considerations such as wiring, proprietary equipment, and monitoring communication methods.

To learn more about the webinar and to register, interested participants can visit Fire Smarts at Fire Smarts Training.

FSJA Comment

The relevance of this webinar by Telgian Engineering & Consulting, led by Mike Valkenaar, lies in its potential to enhance safety and efficiency in fire alarm systems management.

By addressing when and how to upgrade fire alarm systems, Valkenaar’s session offers practical insights for facilities managers.

This knowledge is crucial in maintaining operational integrity and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

The webinar highlights the evolving nature of fire protection technology and the need for continuous learning and adaptation in the field.

It also underscores the importance of informed decision-making based on current industry practices and technological advancements.

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