Taiwanese government donates to Paraguay’s national emergency secretariat

January 9, 2024

The government of China (Taiwan) has recently made a notable donation to Paraguay’s National Emergency Secretariat (SEN), contributing significantly to the country’s efforts to assist families affected by severe weather events.

This gesture of goodwill strengthens the ties between the two nations and exemplifies the importance of international cooperation in times of need.

Details of the donation to Paraguay

In response to the adverse effects caused by the ENOS climatic phenomenon and the rising water levels of the Río Paraná, the Taiwanese government has donated 100,000 U.S. dollars to Paraguay.

This generous contribution will be used to purchase food kits, aiding over 2,500 vulnerable families who have been severely impacted by heavy rains, hail, and severe storms.

Ceremonial handover

The donation ceremony was held in the meeting room of the SEN, marking a significant moment of international cooperation.

The newly appointed Taiwanese Ambassador to Paraguay, José Chih-Cheng Han, presented the donation.

In attendance were key Paraguayan officials, including the Minister Secretary Executive of the SEN, Colonel Arsenio Zárate, and the Minister Secretary General and Chief of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic of Paraguay, Her Excellency Lea Giménez Duarte.

Statements from key figures

During the event, Minister Zárate expressed his profound gratitude for the solidarity and support extended by Taiwan.

He emphasized the importance of such generous and selfless acts in strengthening the friendship and trust between the two countries.

Minister Zárate highlighted that such cooperation reflects a deep commitment to the shared national interests of both Republics, contributing to economic growth, productivity improvement, human resource development, and support for social assistance programs and government institutions.

FSJA comment

The recent donation from the Taiwanese government to Paraguay’s National Emergency Secretariat (SEN) underscores the critical role of international aid in mitigating the effects of natural disasters.

This act of generosity provides immediate relief to those affected by the ENOS climatic phenomenon and reinforces the importance of global solidarity in times of crisis.

The collaboration between Taiwan and Paraguay exemplifies how countries can work together to address common challenges, fostering economic growth and social development.

Such partnerships are vital for building resilient communities and ensuring a coordinated response to emergencies, proving essential for countries facing similar environmental and climatic challenges.

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