Sutphen Corporation inaugurates new fire apparatus manufacturing facility in Urbana, Ohio

March 21, 2024

Sutphen opens expansive new manufacturing site

Sutphen Corporation, a leading name in fire apparatus manufacturing based in Dublin, Ohio, recently marked the grand opening of its new manufacturing facility in Urbana, Ohio.

Spanning 185,000 square feet, this new site at 935 S. Edgewood Avenue integrates three former facilities into one, significantly enlarging Sutphen’s production capabilities within the Urbana community.

Previously operating across approximately 70,000 square feet in three different locations, the consolidation into one facility represents a substantial expansion of the company’s manufacturing footprint.

Expansion and job creation

The new Urbana facility not only enhances Sutphen’s manufacturing efficiency and production capacity but also signifies an investment in the company’s future and the local community.

According to Drew Sutphen, President of Sutphen Corporation and a fourth-generation family member, “This new facility increases our workforce, manufacturing efficiency, production capacity and so much more.

Sutphen Urbana is an investment in our family business and an investment in the Urbana community.”

The move into the new facility, which began in late 2023, has already led to the creation of over 25 jobs, with the total Sutphen workforce in Urbana now exceeding 225 employees.

The company continues to hire, offering numerous additional positions at the new site.

A long-term commitment to the community

The Sutphen family’s ties to the Urbana community and their commitment to growth within the region are evident in their long history of operation and expansion plans.

Julie Sutphen Phelps, Vice President of Sutphen Corporation and Sutphen Hilliard President, emphasized the company’s connection to the area: “Sutphen has a long history in the City of Urbana, Champaign County, and surrounding communities… We are honored to grow within the community and excited to grow for generations to come.”

Occupying 25 acres of a 55-acre purchase made in 2021, the facility’s location leaves room for further expansion, underscoring Sutphen’s long-term growth strategy.

Pride and partnership in Urbana’s development

The community and local officials have warmly welcomed Sutphen’s expansion, recognizing the company’s importance to the local economy and its reputation as a premier manufacturer of fire apparatus.

Rich Ebert, Director of the Champaign Economic Partnership (CEP), expressed pride in Urbana’s association with Sutphen: “To be home to one of the largest, most well-respected fire apparatus manufacturers in the country is a point of pride for the City of Urbana and Champaign County as a whole.”

The new facility is seen as a significant contribution to the community, promising more opportunities and job creation in the future.

FSJA Comment

The grand opening of Sutphen Corporation’s new manufacturing facility in Urbana, Ohio, represents a significant milestone for the company and the local community.

By consolidating operations into a single, state-of-the-art facility, Sutphen not only streamlines its manufacturing process but also reinforces its commitment to the Urbana community and its workforce.

This expansion is a clear indicator of Sutphen’s dedication to maintaining its leadership in the fire apparatus manufacturing industry, while simultaneously fostering job growth and economic development in Urbana and beyond.

The investment in a new facility and the creation of additional jobs highlight the positive impact that family-owned businesses like Sutphen can have on local economies, setting an example for responsible growth and community engagement.

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