Spotsylvania County plans new fire and rescue station to meet growing demand

February 20, 2024

New fire station to support Spotsylvania’s expansion

Spotsylvania County is set to enhance its emergency services infrastructure with the planning of a new fire and rescue station.

This development comes as a response to the growing needs of the area situated between Cosner’s Corner and Thornburg.

Late in 2023, the county acquired property along Massaponax Church Road, envisioning the construction of this crucial facility, which might also include a county fire department administrative center.

During a recent Planning Commission meeting, it was revealed that a public hearing had taken place to discuss the county’s proposal to amend certain zoning conditions previously attached to the property.

The commission unanimously agreed to the changes, emphasizing the land’s new purpose.

Kimberly Pomatto, Spotsylvania’s director of planning and zoning, clarified, “The proffers were related to commercial development and were not relevant to a fire station.”

Addressing the community’s needs

The initiative is seen as a pivotal move to bolster the county’s capability to manage emergency calls effectively.

The proposed station is expected to handle a threshold of 2,500 total calls per station, significantly alleviating the pressure on neighboring stations currently operating at or beyond their capacity.

Inquiries regarding the potential for an administrative facility on the site were addressed by Josh Knight, division director of capital construction for Spotsylvania.

Knight confirmed the primary focus on establishing a fire and rescue station, with additional considerations for other county facilities being part of the preliminary planning phase.

Strategic location for enhanced service delivery

The chosen site encompasses 5.18 acres of mostly forested land, strategically located to serve the surrounding community efficiently.

Its proximity to residential neighborhoods, industrial parks, and the large-scale Ni Village development project underscores the strategic importance of this new facility in supporting the region’s growth and safety.

The acquisition from Ellis Holdings, LLC, signals a forward-looking approach by the county to infrastructure development, ensuring readiness for future demands.

This move is particularly relevant given the ongoing review of the Ni Village project by the county, which promises a significant expansion of local housing and commercial spaces.

FSJA Comment

The establishment of a new fire and rescue station in Spotsylvania County marks a proactive approach to public safety and emergency preparedness.

As the region continues to grow, both in population and economic activity, the demand on existing emergency services has escalated.

By addressing the current and anticipated needs, Spotsylvania is setting a commendable standard in regional planning and public service provision.

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