South American fire services engage with children in education initiatives

October 19, 2023
Military Firefighters in Brazil

In a commendable effort to bridge the gap between fire services and the community, particularly with children, several initiatives have been launched by fire departments in South America.

These efforts, aimed at not only celebrating Children’s Day but also at promoting fire safety and community outreach, have been met with positive responses.

Children’s Day festivities at 1st BBM

In honor of Children’s Day, the 1st Military Firefighter Battalion (1st BBM) hosted a range of typical firefighter activities for children at their headquarters.

The event allowed soldiers to bring their children and families, offering them insights into the life and work of the military.

Beyond the mere festivities, there were several fun games throughout the day.

These games were not only designed for amusement but also provided tips on preventing drowning and domestic accidents.

As part of the activities, children had the chance to participate in water events, climbing workshops, zip lines, and a fire circuit.

Soldier Fabrício Abade Pereira noted*: “The event was a great opportunity for military children to learn a little more about their parents’ day-to-day service, as well as providing a moment of fun among the military family.”

Rio’s unforgettable experience for children

Over at the Rio de Janeiro Fire Department, the Fire Water Supply Technical Group (GTSAI) rolled out an exceptional experience for children from the Floriano Peçanha dos Santos Institute.

These children were given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to climb into an actual fire truck, learn about first aid, and engage with a team from GTSAI.

Children adorned with helmets were taught the basics of first aid, and they became acquainted with the daily routines of these brave professionals.

GTSAI, a specialized unit of the Rio de Janeiro Fire Department, emphasizes the importance of water supply during fires.

This initiative was not just about fun but also aimed to educate children about the pivotal role firefighters play in the community.

Reflecting on the event, a representative from CBMERJ shared: “The joy in the children’s eyes during this experience demonstrates the positive impact that these interactions can have and reinforces CBMERJ’s commitment to serving and educating the community, especially future generations.”

FSJA Comment

When it comes fire and safety, it’s imperative to foster early awareness and build connections with younger generations.

These initiatives by fire services in South America exemplify how bridging the gap between emergency responders and the community can lay the foundation for a safer and more informed society.

The act of engaging children through such initiatives not only cultivates respect and understanding for these professions but also seeds the importance of safety in young minds.

 *Please note that this article may have been translated using automated software; unintended translation errors may be present.

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