Solenoid pinch valve: TLX unveils solution for fluid processing challenges

October 17, 2023

TLX’s innovative approach to fluid flow problems

The fluid processing industry has been grappling with the need for reliable solenoid pinch valves that deliver accurate fluid volume.

Leaks often occur with many valves as they fail to seal off completely.

Additionally, a common issue is that many valves cannot handle various tube diameters without a change in their physical size.

Several considerations come into play when creating a solenoid pinch valve for precise fluid dispensing: the type of fluid being used, the material and diameter of the tube, and the closing force of the valve.

Solenoid solution by TLX Technologies

Addressing these challenges, TLX Technologies has pioneered a solenoid pinch valve.

This valve boasts a strong closing force within a compact package.

Remarkably, it can cater to tube sizes up to 10 mm in diameter. For larger requirements, this valve can also be scaled up.

The key is the continuous duty solenoid which ensures the force needed to halt fluid movement entirely.

Moreover, the valve is equipped with a diode for protection against back EMF.

FSJA Comment

For the Fire and Safety Journal Americas, innovations in the fluid processing industry resonate with our readers.

TLX Technologies’ introduction of a solenoid pinch valve that addresses persistent challenges adds a layer of reliability and versatility in fluid dispensing.

Such advances have the potential to impact various safety applications, ensuring precise fluid control, minimizing potential hazards associated with leaks, and promoting adaptability with different tube sizes.

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