Siyata Mobile announces partnership with 3AM Innovations to enhance first responder safety

April 9, 2024

Siyata Mobile partners with software provider for first responders

Siyata Mobile Inc., a prominent developer and vendor of Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) handsets and accessories, announced a strategic partnership with 3AM Innovations, Inc., a software provider dedicated to the public safety sector.

This collaboration marks a significant development in the realm of first responder safety, integrating Siyata’s SD7 handset with 3AM Innovations’ FLORIAN® incident command software application.

The integration aims to enhance the ability of incident commanders to effectively locate firefighters at emergency scenes, thereby improving safety and safeguarding lives.

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Siyata, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the shared commitment of both companies to serving the first responder community.

“Both Siyata and 3AM Innovations have an established presence and history of serving the first responder community, and now, together, we are teaming up to pair our respective offerings and offer an innovative solution of rugged reliable hardware integrated with a best-in-class app,” Seelenfreund said.

He further noted 3AM Innovations’ leadership in incident command software for firefighters and expressed eagerness to showcase the combined solution to Fire and Rescue departments.

Enhancing situational awareness and safety for first responders

3AM Innovations specializes in providing advanced solutions for mission-critical personnel and resource tracking, robust communications capabilities, and 3D mapping, all accessible through its FLORIAN® software platform.

The software is primarily utilized by firefighters to streamline on-site operations, improve situational awareness, track resources, and enhance personnel safety.

Mel Passarelli, CEO of 3AM Innovations, shared his excitement about the collaboration with Siyata.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Siyata. We are united by a common mission: serving first responders and empowering them with cutting-edge technology that enhances situational awareness and safeguards lives,” Passarelli remarked.

He emphasized the significance of integrating Siyata’s SD7 handset, which combines the advantages of push-to-talk over cellular technology with the usability of traditional two-way radios, into their incident command platform, FLORIAN.

About 3AM Innovations and Siyata Mobile

3AM Innovations delivers advanced 3D technology solutions for the public safety sector, aimed at equipping all public safety personnel with essential information for incident management.

The company’s FLORIAN platform integrates with global partners to enhance its capabilities and leverage the power of artificial intelligence, transforming emergency chaos into actionable intelligence.

Siyata Mobile Inc. focuses on the development and vending of next-generation Push-To-Talk over Cellular handsets and accessories for first responders and enterprise workers.

The company’s products facilitate instant nationwide communication, increasing situational awareness and saving lives.

Siyata’s solutions are utilized by a wide array of organizations including police, fire, and ambulance services, as well as schools, utilities, and many more, contributing to their portfolio’s significance in public safety and enterprise communication.

FSJA Comment

The partnership between Siyata Mobile and 3AM Innovations represents a forward step in the enhancement of safety and operational efficiency for first responders.

By combining rugged and reliable hardware with sophisticated incident command software, the collaboration promises to improve situational awareness for firefighters and provide a model for future collaborations in the technology and public safety sectors.

As first responders face increasingly complex challenges, the integration of these technologies underscores the importance of innovation in supporting their critical missions.

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