Seattle Fire Department receives $150,000 grant from the Gary Sinise Foundation and Amazon

October 25, 2023
Seattle Fire Department Engine

Supporting first responders in Seattle

The Seattle Fire Department, located in King County, Washington, will benefit from a $150,000 grant.

This grant, made possible through a partnership between the Gary Sinise Foundation and Amazon, aims to enhance the department’s behavioral health programs and to equip each firefighter with specialized gloves.

About the grant for Seattle Fire Department

The official announcement of the grant was made on Oct. 16 at Fire Station 2 in Belltown.

Representatives from both the Gary Sinise Foundation and Amazon were present alongside Fire Chief Harold Scoggins.

Donna Palmer, Executive Director of the Gary Sinise Foundation, conveyed the organization’s appreciation for first responders: “Our first responders are on the front lines of our communities, running into danger and risking their lives every day to keep their cities safe.

“On behalf of our founder Gary Sinise and our incredible partner Amazon, we are honored to provide this essential equipment to the Seattle Fire Department as a way to show our deep gratitude for these heroes and their service to their community.”

This announcement was a precursor to the upcoming National First Responders Day, which is commemorated on Oct. 28.

Utilization of the grant: Seattle Fire is set to invest in a mobile app, which will place real-time mental health resources at the fingertips of firefighters. This initiative aligns with the department’s existing Peer Support team, who are a group of firefighters trained to offer confidential support to their peers.

Furthermore, firefighters will receive specialized extrication gloves, which are specifically designed for certain emergency scenarios and offer an advantage over standard firefighting gloves.

In expressing his gratitude, Seattle Fire Chief Harold D. Scoggins stated: “We are grateful to have been selected for this grant from the Gary Sinise Foundation and Amazon.

“With nearly every dollar of our department budget allocated, finding the money for new equipment and training can be a challenge.

“Through this generous grant, we’re able to provide each firefighter with extrication gloves and continue building out our programs that help firefighters cope with the traumatic and stressful situations they face daily.

Neither would have been achievable without the Gary Sinise Foundation and Amazon’s backing.”

FSJA Comment

For the Seattle Fire Department, this grant is a significant boost, not just in terms of equipment but also in supporting the mental health and well-being of its firefighters.

In a profession where every day poses new challenges and risks, access to both proper tools and adequate mental health resources is vital.

Through the joint efforts of the Gary Sinise Foundation and Amazon, the department can better ensure its team is equipped and supported, underlining the importance of collaboration and community support in the realm of first response.

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