Satori Capital invests in Texas fire protection company

June 3, 2024

Automatic Fire Protection expands services in Texas

Satori Capital has announced its investment in Automatic Fire Protection, LLC (AFP), a provider of fire sprinkler and alarm systems.

With offices in Dallas, San Antonio, and San Angelo, AFP offers installation, maintenance, and inspections across Texas.

As reported by Satori Capital, AFP employs nearly 150 field workers and holds the oldest active fire sprinkler license in the state.

Sunny Vanderbeck, co-founder of Satori Capital, stated: “AFP provides a critical service to its customers and does so with an unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

We also deeply value the way AFP invests in its employees’ development, ensuring they have the highest level of skill to meet customer needs on even the most complex projects.”

Commitment to safety and quality

AFP has built a strong reputation for quality service over its more than 50-year history.

The company maintains a state-of-the-art training facility to ensure its technicians are well-equipped to handle complex projects and adhere to safety regulations.

The focus on employee development includes training programs, apprenticeships, and career advancement opportunities.

Mike PeCoy, CEO of AFP, has been a key figure in the company’s growth since joining in 2002.

PeCoy will continue to lead the company, emphasizing safety, customer service, and long-term relationships with suppliers.

He remarked: “We chose Satori to help us navigate the next phase of our company’s growth because they share our vision for creating a premier Texas-based fire protection platform.”

Strategic growth and future plans

Satori’s investment aligns with AFP’s plans to expand its services and consider strategic acquisitions.

PeCoy highlighted the alignment of values between AFP and Satori, expressing confidence in Satori’s ability to guide the company’s growth while maintaining its commitment to customer care and ethical practices.

Sunny Vanderbeck’s book, Selling Without Selling Out: How to Sell Your Business Without Selling Your Soul, discusses similar favorable outcomes.

The book offers advice for business leaders to find buyers or capital partners who share their values.

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