San José Fire Department graduation ceremony welcomes 27 new firefighters

June 12, 2024

Graduation ceremony at San José Fire Training Center

On Friday, June 7, 2024, the San José Fire Department (SJFD) hosted a graduation ceremony at the San José Fire Training Center.

As reported by the San Jose Fire Department, 27 new firefighters were welcomed to the department.

This group included members from Firefighter Recruit Academy 24-01 and Lateral Firefighter Academy 24-02, who completed 20-week and 10-week training programs, respectively.

These academies involved rigorous physical and mental challenges to prepare the recruits for their roles.

The new firefighters began their duties as probationary firefighters on Sunday, June 9, and have started delivering essential services to the City of San José.

Dignitaries and officials in attendance

The ceremony saw attendance from several city officials and dignitaries.

Notable attendees included Mayor Matt Mahan, City Manager Jennifer Maguire, and Councilmembers Rosemary Kamei (D1), Omar Torres (D3), David Cohen (D4), Bien Doan (D7), Pam Foley (D9), and Arjun Batra (D10).

Family, friends, and SJFD personnel were also present to celebrate the achievements of the new firefighters.

Their presence highlighted the community’s support and the importance of the occasion.

Immediate deployment and community impact

Following the graduation, the new firefighters began their assignments as probationary firefighters.

Their immediate deployment aims to enhance the fire department’s capacity to serve the San José community.

These new recruits bring fresh skills and energy to the department, contributing to the ongoing efforts to maintain public safety and respond effectively to emergencies.

Recruitment for future firefighters

The San José Fire Department is actively recruiting new firefighter recruits. Inspired residents have the opportunity to apply until August 2.

Information and applications are available on the official San José website.

This recruitment drive aims to attract dedicated individuals ready to undergo the intensive training required to join the ranks of the SJFD and serve the community.

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