San José Fire Department breaks ground for Fire Station 8 relocation

October 26, 2023

On October 19, Downtown San José witnessed a significant event as community members and city officials came together for the groundbreaking ceremony of Fire Station 8’s relocation.

The San José Fire Department, along with the City of San José, marked the occasion with various dignitaries in attendance.

This move, which shifts the station to the corner of E Santa Clara St. and 13th St., signifies the city’s commitment to modern infrastructure and public safety.

San José’s dedication: History and future

The original Station 8, standing since 1949, has been a beacon of safety and assurance for Downtown residents for close to 75 years.

As the city moves towards the future, the relocation becomes imperative for maintaining top-notch services and catering to the evolving needs of the fire service and the community.

Community support and Mayor’s acknowledgment

Mayor Matt Mahan addressed the attendees: “The voters a few years ago said that they would step up and tax themselves through Measure T to make historic investments, over $600 million worth of investments, in critical infrastructure projects here in our city.

“I want to especially thank the voters of San José for having the foresight to know that we have to continue to sacrifice and invest to upgrade our infrastructure, all of our facilities and tools, so that we as a city can continue to deliver core services and particularly public safety with the highest levels of quality.”

Furthermore, Mayor Mahan conveyed his gratitude to first responders: “We all know that the most fundamental responsibility of government is keeping people safe.

“We wouldn’t be able to do that without our firefighters and our other first responders.

“You are who our residents call in their worst moments.

“I want you to know on behalf of a city of a million people, we are incredibly grateful to our firefighters and all of our first responders for putting their lives on the line every day to keep the rest of us safe.”

Embracing modern needs and San José’s vision

Fire Chief Robert Sapien, Jr., emphasized the evolution of firefighting demands: “The demands that your firefighters face today are far more hazardous, far more dangerous.

“The knowledge that they have to amass and maintain is a far higher bar than it was in 1949 and they’ve advanced tremendously.

“The facility that you’re going to see erected here at this location will provide for their decontamination after they engage fires with known carcinogens.

“They will be able to come back and restock after delivering advanced life support for our community’s medical emergencies.

“They will be able to come back and convene as a crew to talk through the difficult things that they have seen on their last response that challenged their sensibilities.

This is such an important facility. It is replacing one that did not serve all the needs of the modern fire service.”

Councilmember Omar Torres shed light on the impact of the new facility: “The positive effects of having a safer and more resilient neighborhood are immeasurable.

“Not only will our community thrive, but local businesses will also prosper in an environment where customers and employees feel secure.”

Underlining San José’s progressive thinking, Mayor Mahan mentioned the new firehouse’s capability to potentially serve an all-electric vehicle, an indication of the city’s future-oriented approach.

Residents can expect the new station to be operational by early 2025.

FSJA Comment

For Fire and Safety Journal Americas, the groundbreaking for Fire Station 8’s relocation in San José showcases the city’s dedication to its citizens’ safety.

By acknowledging past service and pushing for modern facilities, San José is investing in robust infrastructure to tackle contemporary challenges.

The potential inclusion of electric vehicles and state-of-the-art facilities mirrors a progressive vision for public safety and environmental responsibility.

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