San José Fire Department announces new hiring initiative for 911 dispatchers

January 24, 2024

San José Fire Department seeks public safety radio dispatcher trainees

The San José Fire Department (SJFD) has launched a new hiring initiative aimed at recruiting Public Safety Radio Dispatcher Trainees (PSRD-T).

This move is part of the department’s effort to strengthen its Fire Communications Division, crucial in handling fire and medical emergency calls.

Offering competitive salary and benefits

The department highlighted the competitive nature of the position, with a base salary for trainees starting at $94,057.50.

This includes an approximate 5% ongoing, non-pensionable compensation pay and a 3.75% Public Safety Radio Dispatcher Certification Pay.

Additional benefits include shift differential, bilingual payment differential, tuition reimbursement, a $500 uniform allowance, and comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans.

The role also offers a retirement plan with the City of San José.

Interactive recruitment events planned

To provide more information about the career, SJFD is hosting “Ask a Dispatcher” events.

These sessions are designed to offer insights into the role and responsibilities of a Public Safety Radio Dispatcher.

The department will hold both online and in-person events, allowing prospective applicants to engage directly with current dispatchers and understand the job’s demands and rewards.

The online session is scheduled for Wednesday, January 31, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., requiring registration.

The in-person session will be on Saturday, February 3, from 12 to 3 p.m. at Fire Station 2 in East San José.

Application deadline and additional information

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply before the application deadline on February 20, 2024.

For further details on the position and application process, visit the SJFD website or apply online.

FSJA Comment

The San José Fire Department’s initiative to recruit Public Safety Radio Dispatcher Trainees represents a significant step in enhancing the city’s emergency response capabilities.

Dispatchers play a vital role in emergency services, acting as the first point of contact for those seeking fire or medical assistance.

The competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package reflect the value and importance of these positions within the public safety framework.

The SJFD’s approach to recruitment, particularly through interactive events, demonstrates an understanding of the importance of community engagement in public services.

These sessions not only offer prospective applicants a clear view of the job but also reinforce the department’s commitment to transparency and public involvement.

As cities like San José continue to grow and evolve, the demand for skilled and dedicated emergency services personnel remains critical.

Initiatives like this not only strengthen the emergency response infrastructure but also provide valuable career opportunities for residents.

The success of this recruitment drive will likely have a lasting impact on the effectiveness and reliability of emergency services in San José.

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