San Francisco Fire Department to showcase new hose tender and auxiliary water system

January 17, 2024

Rosenbauer hose tender demonstration

The San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) is set to demonstrate its new Rosenbauer Hose Tender, along with their Auxiliary above-ground water supply system.

This event, scheduled for January 31st, aims to highlight the department’s enhanced capabilities in addressing potential water supply issues during large-scale emergencies, such as conflagrations or seismic events.

Key features of the new hose tender

The Rosenbauer Hose Tender is designed to effectively manage water supply challenges.

In situations where the domestic water supply is compromised, the Hose Tender can supply a 5” above-ground water main system or apply water directly to large fires.

This equipment is part of SFFD’s strategy to ensure water availability during critical situations.

It can draw water from multiple sources, including Lake Merced, Spreckels Lake, Stow Lake, and the San Francisco Bay.

The introduction of three new Hose Tenders is a significant step towards improving the department’s emergency response capabilities.

Event details and logistics

The demonstration is scheduled for January 31st at the Lake Merced Boat Ramp, 1 Harding Road, San Francisco, CA 94132, beginning at 11:00 AM and anticipated to conclude by 1:00 PM.

Public dignitaries, media, and the general public are invited to this free event.

Public parking is available in the vicinity, and attendees are advised to dress appropriately for the weather, as the event will occur regardless of weather conditions.

FSJA Comment

The San Francisco Fire Department’s introduction of the Rosenbauer Hose Tender and the enhanced auxiliary water system represents a significant advancement in the city’s emergency response infrastructure.

These new tools are vital for ensuring a reliable water supply in extreme situations, such as major fires or after a seismic event.

The demonstration of this only showcases the department’s commitment to public safety and highlights the ongoing efforts to modernize and strengthen emergency response capabilities.

As urban environments continue to grow and face diverse challenges, such innovations become increasingly crucial in safeguarding communities against unforeseen disasters.

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