San Francisco fire department leads medical mission to El Salvador

January 22, 2024

San Francisco EMTs embark on a humanitarian mission

A twelve-person medical team from the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD), led by Emergency Medical Technician Carlos Martinez, is set to provide aid in El Salvador.

The team, in collaboration with the Castañeda Kids Foundation, will depart on January 20th, aiming to assist the local population with medical needs.

The Castañeda Kids Foundation: A commitment to health and education

The foundation, known for its diverse initiatives in nutrition, education, health, and sports, has been actively involved in providing support to the underprivileged.

Their efforts include distributing holiday food baskets, offering scholarships, and organizing annual medical missions to offer free healthcare in areas with limited medical access.

Furthermore, the foundation promotes physical wellness through sports, providing equipment, and creating playing fields for children.

A robust volunteer effort to meet healthcare needs

From January 20th to the 26th, the medical mission plans to see and treat approximately 3,000 patients over five clinic days.

The team comprises seventy volunteers from across the U.S., including doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, paramedics, EMTs, and non-medical personnel.

Before the mission’s arrival, local contacts will inform the villages about the clinic’s dates, ensuring effective patient outreach.

The foundation’s approach extends beyond immediate medical care.

It includes providing transportation for patients to and from the clinic and offering educational classes on hygiene, hypertension, diabetes, and other relevant health topics.

San Francisco’s EMS Station 49 at the forefront

Twelve members from San Francisco’s EMS Station 49 will be part of the 70-person team.

This includes Paramedics Hoi Cheung, Anthony Asercion, Melia Oldman, Jeff Finerman, Elaine Thompson, EMTs Sarah LoCoco, Nathan Danzinger, Iris Nahm, Kelly Cronander, Angel Olmedo, and Guillermo Martinez.

Their participation underlines the commitment of SFFD to global humanitarian efforts.

FSJA Comment

The San Francisco Fire Department’s involvement in the El Salvador medical mission represents a significant extension of their service beyond local community boundaries.

This initiative highlights the broader role that fire and emergency services play in global health and humanitarian efforts.

By participating in such missions, the SFFD aids in immediate medical needs and contributes to long-term health education and awareness in underserved regions.

The collaboration with the Castañeda Kids Foundation demonstrates a successful partnership between public services and non-profit organizations, aiming to address complex global health challenges.

Such endeavors not only provide critical care but also offer a platform for cross-cultural exchange and understanding, enriching the experiences of both the volunteers and the recipients of aid.

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