San Diego County launches Genasys EVAC for emergency alerts

May 31, 2024

San Diego implements new emergency communication system

San Diego County has officially launched Genasys Protect EVAC, a new emergency alerting system designed to provide residents with timely updates during emergencies.

As reported by Genasys, the system aims to improve public safety communication ahead of peak fire conditions, offering critical alerts such as severe weather updates, evacuation notices, and missing person reports.

The Genasys EVAC system is currently deployed across 70% of California and will serve as the primary tool for disseminating urgent public safety information in the San Diego region.

Jeff Toney, Director of the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services, said: “With peak fire season just ahead of us, San Diego regional public safety agencies are coming together to announce that all emergency alerting and mapping will now be powered by Genasys EVAC.”

Advanced features for precise emergency communication

Genasys EVAC offers enhanced targeting and precise messaging capabilities, allowing users to add multiple locations such as home and work addresses to receive location-specific alerts.

Residents can also include multiple phone numbers in their accounts to ensure seamless communication with family members during emergencies.

Richard Danforth, CEO of Genasys, emphasized the importance of the technology: “Our number one priority at Genasys is safety and we are committed to providing the most complete and effective solutions to protect communities.

“San Diego is our home, and it makes it that much sweeter that the regional area has implemented our solution, particularly ahead of wildfire season.”

Encouragement for resident participation

San Diego County officials strongly encourage residents to sign up for Genasys alerts to receive timely emergency notifications.

Registration can be completed online at Alert San Diego by selecting the Genasys Protect Link.

During registration, individuals can customize their alert preferences and choose their preferred communication methods, including landline phones, cell phones, text/SMS messages, and email.

The system also offers a Spanish-language option to cater to the diverse communities within the region.

Supporting first responders with advanced technology

The implementation of Genasys EVAC in San Diego is expected to significantly aid first responders in obtaining a clearer picture of neighborhoods at risk during emergencies such as wildfires.

The technology allows emergency managers and dispatchers to send out more precise, location-based alerts, helping to keep residents safe and informed.

Residents can benefit from the ability to receive alerts tailored to their specific locations, improving the overall effectiveness of emergency communication in the region.

This advanced system aims to enhance public safety and ensure that crucial information reaches those who need it most during emergency situations.

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