Roseville, MN invests in Rosenbauer RTX electric fire engine to enhance firefighter safety and sustainability

May 8, 2024

Roseville embraces new electric fire technology

Roseville, Minnesota, has introduced a new electric fire engine, the RTX, from Rosenbauer.

“Innovation has always been part of the City of Roseville’s culture,” stated Roseville Fire Chief David Brosnahan.

The RTX electric fire engine is expected to play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs for the city.

Economic and environmental benefits of the RTX engine

According to Chief Brosnahan, the traditional diesel fire engines have become increasingly costly.

“Electric engines cost more upfront, but year over year, I believe it will be less expensive,” he noted.

The RTX is also backed by an extended five-year warranty, which is a significant improvement over the typical one-year warranty for diesel engines.

This comprehensive coverage aims to reduce maintenance costs and provide peace of mind.

Brosnahan highlighted potential savings of up to $15,000 annually in diesel fuel expenses due to the shift to electric power.

Improvements in operational conditions and firefighter well-being

The introduction of the RTX electric fire engine is also aimed at improving the working conditions for firefighters.

Assistant Fire Chief Neil Sjostrom emphasized the importance of addressing the uncomfortable and potentially hazardous conditions in older diesel fire engines.

“A quieter environment on scene significantly enhances the overall operational environments for firefighters and ensures their long-term well-being,” Sjostrom explained.

The RTX features a low step-in height, reducing strain on firefighters’ knees and hips, which is critical for their long-term health.

Technological advancements of the RTX

The RTX stands out with its all-wheel drive, tighter turning radius, and adjustable suspension, which enhance its maneuverability in tight and hard-to-reach areas.

It features a Rosenbauer 1500 GPM pump, a 600-gallon water tank, and a Rosenbauer Variomatic foam system.

The RTX operates primarily on battery power and includes an energy backup unit to ensure continuous operation.

FSJA Comment

The adoption of the RTX electric fire engine by the Roseville Fire Department represents a progressive step towards modernizing fire response capabilities while prioritizing sustainability and firefighter safety.

This initiative highlights the potential cost savings and environmental benefits of electric fire engines and underscores the commitment to improving the quality of work life for firefighters.

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