Rosenbauer America introduces Beyond Electric RTX Experience at FDIC 2024

April 12, 2024

From April 18th to 20th, the FDIC 2024 will feature the Beyond Electric RTX Experience, hosted by Rosenbauer America.

This event offers an exclusive showcase of the latest RTX Electric Fire Truck, demonstrating innovations in fire apparatus and firefighting technology.

Overview of the RTX Electric Fire Truck

The RTX Electric Fire Truck will be displayed at the Rosenbauer booth 3407 in the Indiana Convention Center, providing an interactive experience for attendees.

Jay Johnson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rosenbauer America, highlighted the unique attributes of the RTX, stating: “Upon encountering the RTX for the first time, it’s common for individuals to immediately associate it with an electric fire engine, but it’s so much more.”

The event will allow participants to engage directly with product experts in one-on-one sessions, offering an in-depth look at the vehicle’s capabilities and technological advancements.

New additions to the RTX line

Adding excitement to this year’s event, Rosenbauer America announced the introduction of two new RTX fire engines, which will be delivered to the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services and the Victoria Fire Department in British Columbia, Canada.

These vehicles are tailored to meet the specific needs of these departments, reflecting Rosenbauer’s dedication to customised firefighting solutions.

Interactive and immersive experiences

Attendees of the RTX Experience will have the opportunity to explore the vehicle’s distinctive features during a 90-minute interactive session.

This includes a live demonstration of the RTX’s pumping capabilities and an in-depth look at its intuitive pump controls.

Furthermore, a highlight of the event will be an RTX ride-along through downtown Indianapolis, where participants can experience the vehicle’s driving performance and ergonomic design.

FSJA Comment

The Beyond Electric RTX Experience at FDIC 2024 represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of firefighting technology.

Through its interactive displays and the introduction of new, tailored fire engines, Rosenbauer America is shaping the future of firefighting.

This event not only demonstrates the technological advancements in electric fire engines but also reinforces the importance of innovation in responding to diverse firefighting scenarios.

As firefighting equipment becomes more sophisticated, the emphasis on adaptability and user-focused design becomes increasingly critical.

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