Road Rescue expands its dealer network in Utah

January 17, 2024

In a significant move for emergency vehicle services, Road Rescue, a part of REV Ambulance Group Orlando, Inc., has announced Siddons-Martin Emergency Group as its exclusive dealer in Utah.

This development, officially declared on January 16, 2024, marks a new chapter in the distribution and service of Road Rescue’s ambulances in the region.

Strategic dealership appointment enhances emergency services

Mark Schwartzbauer, the sales director at Road Rescue, expressed his enthusiasm about the new appointment: “Siddons-Martin Emergency Group has been a valued Road Rescue dealer for several years and we are excited to have them extend their representation of the brand to the state of Utah.”

He highlighted Siddons-Martin’s strong presence in Utah, emphasizing their robust sales, service, and parts capabilities, which will significantly support Road Rescue customers in the state.

Pat Siddons, the dealer principal of sales at Siddons-Martin Emergency Group, also shared his thoughts: “Our team is proud to represent Road Rescue in Utah.

We are well-positioned to provide great service to Road Rescue customers with our dedicated, professional sales team, our service center in Midvale, Utah and our mobile service fleet.”

Siddons-Martin’s established presence and expertise

Siddons-Martin Emergency Group is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, a milestone that underscores its long-standing commitment to serving fire and EMS providers.

In alignment with its new role, Siddons-Martin will showcase a Road Rescue UltraMedic™ at the Utah State Fire Chiefs Association Winter Business Meeting and Leadership Symposium in St. George, Utah, scheduled for January 17-18.

FSJA Comment

The appointment of Siddons-Martin Emergency Group as the exclusive dealer for Road Rescue in Utah represents a strategic decision for both companies.

This partnership is likely to enhance the availability and service quality of Road Rescue’s ambulances in the region.

Siddons-Martin’s well-established network in Utah, combined with its half-century experience in serving fire and EMS providers, positions it uniquely to cater effectively to the needs of the state’s emergency services.

Moreover, this move may lead to improved response times and service efficiency in emergency situations, potentially saving lives.

It also reflects a broader trend in the emergency vehicle industry towards consolidation and strengthening of service networks to better meet the evolving demands of public safety.

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