Rio Pardo de Minas and Mato Verde city councils move forward with Municipal Brigade project

October 30, 2023
Military Firefighters in Brazil

Meetings held to progress Municipal Brigade’s implementation

Rio Pardo de Minas and Mato Verde’s city councils are in discussions regarding the establishment of a Municipal Brigade, aiming to enhance local safety measures for their respective populations.

Leaders join forces for the cause

Continuing efforts to expand the organization’s reach, lieutenant colonel Rubens, commander of the 7th Military Fire Brigade, lieutenant Victor, secretary of the 4th COB, lieutenant Laércio, commander of the Salinas Platoon, and Lieutenant Paulo Henrique, commander of the Janaúba Platoon, attended meetings with the Municipal Executives of the Cities of Rio Pardo de Minas and Mato Verde.

About the Municipal Brigade Project

The Municipal Brigade Project seeks to furnish municipalities with populations not exceeding 30,000 residents with services under the jurisdiction of the Military Fire Brigade of Minas Gerais, in line with Law 22839/2018 and Ordinance 49/20 of the CBMMG.

Progress in Mato Verde

In Mato Verde, momentum builds with the enactment of the Law for the Creation of the Municipal Brigade Nr. 358/2023, which was recently greenlit.

The forthcoming phases involve ratifying the preliminary contract already forwarded to the municipality, recruiting staff, and shaping the Municipal Brigade.

This was previewed by the military during a dialogue with Mayor Pedro.

Rio Pardo de Minas shows promise

In Rio Pardo de Minas, military representatives showcased the project to the Municipal Executive. Mayor Astor responded optimistically, emphasizing that the Municipal Brigade’s inception would bolster the safety of the Riopardense citizens.

Minas Gerais Military Fire Department’s Mission

The Minas Gerais Military Fire Department, facilitated by the 4th COB and its Units, ventures across various operational terrains, with the prime objective being the realization of their foundational goal, which is “Saving and valuing lives, in order to inspire people and bring hope”.

FSJA Comment

The initiation of the Municipal Brigade in cities like Rio Pardo de Minas and Mato Verde exemplifies a strategic move toward reinforcing local safety infrastructure.

As municipalities seek effective ways to ensure the well-being of their populations, initiatives like this, backed by established military units, indicate a collaborative approach.

Such synergy between military expertise and local governance can lead to more streamlined safety protocols and rapid response times, a cornerstone in ensuring the well-being of local communities.

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