Rio Fire Department celebrates dedication and growth of dentistry professionals

October 27, 2023
Military Firefighters in Brazil

In honor of the significant month of October for dentistry professionals, the Rio Fire Department hosts a special event marking the dedication and evolution in oral health.

The month of significance for CBMERJ Dentistry

The month of October holds special significance for the Dentistry of the Military Fire Brigade of the State of Rio de Janeiro (CBMERJ).

It commemorates both the anniversary of its inception on the 18th and National Dentist’s Day on the 25th.

As per the information found on the official CBMERJ site, the celebrations began last week, marking 112 years of Military Dentistry with the presentation of the Otto Baptista Medal.

This medal is a tribute to the organization’s pioneering career Dentist.

XIII CBMERJ Dental Day: A focal event for Rio Fire Department

This week saw the XIII CBMERJ Dental Day taking center stage. It offered crucial technical-professional updates to Dental Officers and Assistant Practitioners in Oral Health.

The comprehensive program covered various topics. Attendees benefited from lectures and presentations addressing “CBMERJ Digital Dentistry”, “Biomimetic Philosophy in Composite Resin Restorations”, “Clinical Management of Dental Stains”, and “Humanized Communication as a Tool for Engagement and Collaboration”.

Words from the leadership:

The Secretary of State for Civil Defense and general commander of CBMERJ, Colonel Leandro Monteiro, commented* on the occasion: “The Rio de Janeiro Fire Department recognizes the importance of Military Dentistry and the dedication of these professionals in the mission of taking care of the corporation’s oral health.

“Commitment and the constant search for improvement are essential values to ensure that all members of the corporation can smile with confidence, knowing that they are in the hands of high-level professionals.

“Congratulations to these soldiers who are dedicated to caring for the smiles of those who bravely face challenges.”

FSJA Comment

The dedication and relentless efforts of dental professionals associated with the Military Fire Brigade of the State of Rio de Janeiro (CBMERJ) are truly commendable.

Their ongoing commitment not only reflects their passion for the profession but also ensures that our brave firefighters have optimal oral health.

Such events, which highlight the growth and evolution of dentistry within such critical organizations, reaffirm the essential nature of oral health in the overall well-being of these heroes.

By offering cutting-edge updates and knowledge-sharing opportunities, CBMERJ ensures that its professionals are always equipped with the latest in dentistry, thereby safeguarding the smiles of our valiant firefighters.

*Please note that this article may have been translated using automated software; unintended translation errors may be present.

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