REV Fire Group set to host 27th annual Fire Truck Training Conference in Lansing (MI)

October 3, 2023
Fire Truck Training Conference

The Lansing Center to accommodate the nation’s premier Fire Truck Training Conference

Lansing, Michigan: REV Fire Group, an assembly of prominent fire apparatus manufacturers including E-ONE, KME, Ferrara, Spartan Fire Chassis, Spartan Emergency Response, Smeal, and Ladder Tower, has recently unveiled plans to conduct the 27th Annual Fire Truck Training Conference (FTTC) from October 1-6, 2023.

The esteemed event will take place at The Lansing Center.

Boasting the title of the most comprehensive combined training symposium and testing occasion nationwide, this year’s FTTC is expanding its scope to occupy the entirety of The Lansing Center’s available space.

With slots quickly filling up, projections indicate an attendance of roughly 400 participants.

This diverse group consists of first responder driver-operators, technicians, equipment producers, distributors, service hub representatives, and many more from various regions such as the U.S., Canada, and Latin America.

These attendees are set to gain invaluable insights: Direct interactions with manufacturers, chances to undergo certification evaluations or renew their existing EVT standards, and a platform to connect with peers in the technician and driver-operator sectors.

Diverse training modules cover a wide spectrum of fire truck components

The FTTC agenda outlines three distinct training paths, encompassing over 50 singular sessions spread across four days.

These cover essential aspects like brake systems, roll-up doors, electrical configurations, pressure governors, pumps, among others.

Furthermore, training seminar participants have the provision to consult suppliers directly for tailored troubleshooting resolutions and to acquire the most current maintenance advice and techniques.

This 27-year-long association of Spartan Emergency Response with the event mirrors the dedication of the REV Fire Group.

Their objective remains clear: Equip first responders with top-tier, efficient fire apparatus and fortify them with the expertise required to ensure their fleets’ sustained functionality and prime condition.

Addressing the significance of FTTC, Mike Virnig, the president of REV Fire Group, remarked: “Such initiatives echo our unwavering commitment to the first responder fraternity.

“While we take pride in crafting the best fire apparatus available, it’s equally rewarding to realize that we are instrumental in fostering education and dispersing pivotal practices that bolster the safety and overall wellbeing of the heroes entrusted with safeguarding our societies.”

FSJA Comment

The 27th Annual Fire Truck Training Conference by REV Fire Group underscores the crucial role of continued learning and advancements in the realm of fire apparatus.

As technology evolves and the needs of first responders change, it’s paramount that training adapts to ensure our heroes have access to the best tools and knowledge.

The comprehensive nature of this year’s FTTC, coupled with its expansive turnout, accentuates its significance.

A congregation of this scale not only fosters learning but also fortifies the camaraderie among those dedicated to our safety.

The blend of hands-on training, networking, and direct manufacturer interactions creates an environment conducive to progress and proactive adaptation.

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