REV Fire Group announces new Director of Project Management-Sales

December 1, 2023

REV Fire Group, a division of REV Group, Inc., which includes leading fire apparatus manufacturers such as E-ONE, KME, Ferrara, Spartan Fire Chassis, Spartan Emergency Response, Smeal, and Ladder Tower, has recently announced the appointment of Brian Connely as the Director of Project Management-Sales.

This strategic appointment marks a significant step in REV Fire Group’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its leadership team and enhance its sales initiatives.

Brian Connely’s rich experience in the fire industry

Connely brings over two decades of experience in the fire industry to his new role at REV Fire Group.

His extensive background includes holding leadership positions at KME and Spartan ER.

Connely has also served as the KME Sales Manager for Campbell Supply Company.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Connely has a commendable record of community service.

He has been a volunteer firefighter at the Tamaqua (PA) Fire Department for 34 years, where he currently serves as president.

Responsibilities and expectations

In his new role, Connely will be responsible for supporting sales initiatives across all brands under the REV Fire Group umbrella.

He will report directly to Larry Daniels, the Senior Director of Sales for REV Fire Group.

Connely’s appointment is expected to bring a fresh perspective and strategic insights to the company, leveraging his extensive experience and deep understanding of the fire industry.

Industry and community impact

Chris McClung, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at REV Fire Group, expressed enthusiasm about Connely’s appointment.

“We are excited to have Brian Connely working with the REV Fire Group.

His dedication and commitment to his community extend beyond his work, and it’s this passion for serving others that makes him stand out as an exceptional leader in the fire industry,” McClung said.

Connely’s dedication to both his professional and community roles is seen as a valuable asset to REV Fire Group, embodying the company’s commitment to leadership and service.

FSJA Comment

Brian Connely’s appointment as Director of Project Management-Sales at REV Fire Group is a significant development in the fire safety and equipment industry.

His extensive experience and community involvement exemplify the kind of leadership that can drive innovation and growth within the sector.

Connely’s role will be crucial in navigating the challenges and opportunities facing the fire apparatus manufacturing industry, especially at a time when technological advancements and evolving safety standards are reshaping market demands.

His appointment underscores REV Fire Group’s commitment to strengthening its team with experienced professionals who are not just adept at their jobs but also deeply committed to the wider community.

This blend of professional excellence and community service aligns well with the industry’s ethos, promising a positive impact on the company’s future endeavors.

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